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  1. No burrito. No pizza. Just stupid McDonald's---and a long call from a distant family member in Texas who I'll be meeting the first time next Friday evening when we get to Amarillo. Other than that, carry on... Eric
  2. They really need to do Orange Coke/Diet Coke. Orange is great. Strawberry isn't bad, either. I've had both---concocted in my kitchen, of course [evil laughter]. Eric
  3. Time for a burrito! But I'll settle for a slice of pizza... Eric
  4. Maybe that's why I failed as an engineer---I'm good with English! Eric
  5. Robb said: "It's gone forever." Well, it lives on at my house... Eric
  6. Take a lot of math and science courses in college. But, do know that positions like this are few and very far between. I wanted to do this once, too, but it just didn't happen. Eric
  7. I used to turn my back yard into an "amusement park" when I was about 10. There wasn't much there, but I had wheelbarrow or shopping cart rides (human powered---by me!), a haunted house type attraction, a spinning barstool ride, and a petting zoo (the dog!). Eric
  8. Bit of trivia: Those pictures are called "avatars." Eric
  9. I'm not really into sports, but I do like our local teams...Dodgers, Angels, Lakers. I could follow the Raiders, but I'd just end up in jail! Eric
  10. I believe that California has the highest coaster count in the U.S. There are a few noteworthy rides and a few unique rides. We can ride all of our coasters year round (Well, in Southern California, anyway) unlike most of the rest of the country. That makes it nice to live here. Personally, I'm a 90-minute or less drive from Disneyland/DCA, Knott's, and SFMM, so I satisfy a coaster fix anytime I want with little planning or distance to travel. Eric
  11. How is SFMM hard to navigate? It's a big circle with a spur over to Psyclone/Deja Vu, another spur over to X, and a funicular railway and two paths to get to the top of the mountain. Eric
  12. The guy who shares my office blew up at our lead when she asked him why he marked up a drawing in a certain way and didn't get a sufficient answer. He stormed out of the office and took a walk to cool off. He's been looking for another job, and, quite honestly at this point, I wouldn't mind him finding one. Eric
  13. I won't say this is my best dream, but telling about it has gotten me some good laughs. In this dream, I was supposed to perform a song in a school auditorium. They had me signed up to sing The Peanut Butter and Jelly Song, whatever that was. I did ask one person there what that song was, and was told, "Just make it up." When I got up on stage, I figured I'd tell a joke first just to warm up. The joke was, "You know, Ojai must be a friendly town. Why else would they have named it 'Oh Hi!'" Dead silence, no rim shot, nothing. So I just started singing, "Pea-nut but-ter and jellll-eeee..." and woke up. Dead silence and no rim shot here, either, huh? Well, I guess you had to be there... Eric
  14. ^ Not into Cleveland weather. < Not into mayonnaise. V Not into Amtrak!
  15. I'm twice as old as people half my age. Eric
  16. When that box fell out of my car, there was cause for alarm, being that the box was full of alarm clocks that I was taking to meet the train at the harbor. Eric
  17. I was absolutely terrified of the Matterhorn when I was a kid, but around age 12 I woke up and realized that these contraptions are kinda fun. The rest is history. Eric
  18. Today was my wife's birthday. She's in Indianapolis on business and couldn't talk, so I sent her a text message wishing her Happy Birthday. Work was pretty busy. We spent the whole day going over wiring diagrams. That was fun. I took Diana out for dinner at Wendy's. We both had chili, and we both still have all ten of our fingers. That is all. Time for bed. Eric
  19. I get to work two casino jobs this weekend. That means almost $200 extra cash! Just in case anyone's wondering what I'm talking about, I work with this organization on various weekends. Kinda fun, actually. A friend of mine started the business back in 1996 and I've been with it since the start. He just sold it to one of our dealers, but it's still going strong---perhaps stronger! And I'm the guy on the left dealing roulette in this picture. Eric
  20. I think that also happens if they eat aerosol cans! Eric
  21. ^ Has trouble spelling. < Has no trouble spelling. V Has trouble with doorknobs!
  22. Diana and I went to Wendy's for dinner tonight. Normally we go out on Fridays, but she and mom are going to SFMM for that KZLA country music thing. Doesn't matter---I shouldn't be drinking Frosties anyway. Eric
  23. ^ Likes chocolate. < Loves chocolate. V Loves boogers!
  24. ^ We had to disect worms in my 8th grade science class back in 1972, and we named our worm "Squirmy Wormy." He didn't squirm for long, though... Eric
  25. < Glad he lives a couple of valleys away from all that madness. Eric
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