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  1. ^ I may get to ride that in May. As for a forgotten coaster, I almost said Windjammer, but that's a "wish-I-could-forget-it" one. Eric
  2. I was born and raised in a Baptist church and attended regularly till I was about 21 (I'm 45 now). My belief in God is as strong as ever, though for now I don't attend church regularly anymore. For whatever reason, I've been able to avoid the bad things in life. People who get to know and talk to me have asked which church I attend---without my having ever mentioned it, so the Christian aspect of my personality is coming through loud and clear. Things at home are shaky with my wife, and my faith in God has been helping me through it. My daughter's boyfriend is a Presbyterian (but I like him anyway! ), and she's been going to Bible studies with him and enjoys it. What keeps me away from church is the fact that I've long since heard the message and believe the message. For now, I'm struggling with the concept of "You have to be saved---you are a sinner---come to the Lord!" banged into my head over and over. Well, I have repented, been baptized, believe, and worship God within my heart in some way each and every day. I believe I'm saved; I feel at peace about where I'm headed when I leave this earth. For now, I don't want a church to keep reminding me about what a sinner I am, how I should vote, how much money to give, who I should hang around, etc. Chances are, I'll return to church one day, but just for the fellowship with other Christians---which I think will benefit me in the long run. Good friends are good to have. Sermon over...let's sing a hymn and go get cookies! Eric
  3. The farther you spread your arms apart, the faster your eyes blink. So, Joe, give me a pencil. Eric
  4. It was nice meeting all of you. Our trip today was literally last minute. What was funny was that on our way there, Diana asked if anyone from the site would be there. Of course, I didn't know because no one had said anything. And I"d forgotten that Dave and Mary were going to be out to visit. I hope they enjoyed themselves. Too bad Diana, Holly, and I missed being in the group photo. Funny thing was that we spent a lot of time in Bugs Bunny World later on, right where the photo was taken! Diana and Holly ran around like children riding all the kiddie rides---oh wait...they are children! I joined them on Canyon Blaster, then we went to get a funnel cake (the girls polished that off; I got a small diabetic portion!). We took the Orient Express up to ride Ninja and/or Superman, but skipped 'em because Ninja was closed and Superman had a line out the door. But we did ride Gold Rusher one more time, then Diana and Holly had their portrait done by the caricature artist. That came out great! If I can get it scanned, I'll post it here if it's OK to do so. Like our last visit to SFMM, we went to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank for dinner, then headed home to Camarillo. Eric
  5. I drove a manual for nearly 20 years (I had a 1983 Supra), but now I drive a CR-V with an automatic. Manual is fun, but sometimes it's nice to just put it in gear and go---especially in traffic. But I've had some fun with manual transmission cars. Last fall I got to drive a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V with a six-speed manual and 400 HP V8. And a friend let me take his S2000 out once. You can get into some trouble in one of those! Eric
  6. I just registered here tonight because it was dark and late and I am getting newsletters ready to mail. Eric
  7. I'm half asleep when I put my deodorant on in the morning, so I have no clue what kind it is. But it smells good! Eric
  8. This is my very first post here. Y'all know me as EBL at Westcoaster. Now y'all know me as EBL here. Actually, I'm EBL everywhere. Eric
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