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  1. Maybe I'll get a chance to go to Wonderland and ride that weird O.D. Hopkins coaster, Texas Tornado. Is that any good? Eric
  2. I live in Camarillo, and next weekend I'm going to Amarillo. Eric
  3. ^ Milk drinker. < Diet Coke drinker. V Slow thinker!
  4. Believe it or not, I've only logged two rides on CS; one during the day and one at night. Nice long ride, but not terribly exciting, in my opinion. But its smoothness reminds me of what SFMM's Revolution could be and used to be. Eric
  5. Just what is the purpose of doing this? Just to see if it can be done? Bizarre looking critter, I must say. Eric
  6. ^ Lotta corkscrews on that thing! I have an optical mouse and I just let the mouse sit there. The picture kept zooming, but I noticed that it took twelve seconds to repeat the entire thing. Very interesting, though. Eric
  7. ^ Multiply the kg by 2.2 and you'll get the pounds. Using that factor, you weigh approximately 248 lb. Eric
  8. ^ Surfs at work. < Surfs at work. V Surfs in the shower!
  9. Robb asked: "Are they anything like the Wonka-vator?" No, there's no glass to see outside and they stay in the building! Eric
  10. ^ I was kidding. Luxor does in fact have diagonal elevators, and they're called "Inclinators." And I did take a ride in one once about ten years ago. It's a different feeling with the combination vertical/sideways movement. As for random, well, if I put stickers on my car will that protect the paint? Eric
  11. If elevators moved diagonally, then they'd have to put them in at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, since vertical elevators wouldn't work very well there. Eric
  12. I get to spend the whole week with my daughter while Mom is on a business trip. Diana and I have so much fun together. Eric
  13. ^ Younger than Jordan. < Older than dirt. V Slower than molasses!
  14. Having been born, raised, and lived nowhere else besides Southern California, I've been to Disneyland a multitude of times. DCA, three times. Three years ago, we took our first out-of-state family trip to BGT and WDW. The only parks we didn't visit while there were Animal Kingdom and the waterparks. My wife has a friend who works for Disney and will be on hand for the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, so she just might go (if we can afford it, which I doubt at this point). Personally, I'd like to see Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Seas. One day... Eric
  15. HEY! There's enough ice in my cup to freeze a cat! Eric
  16. ^ Off to Florida in less than two months. < Off to Texas in about two weeks. V Off to Mars to take a dip in a canal!
  17. My most recent coaster ride was Riddler's Revenge at SFMM on April 23 with my daughter Diana and her friends Ernee and Marissa. We went to celebrate Diana's 15th birthday (which was actually the next day). They're ready to go in this picture; (l-r) Marissa, Diana, and Ernee. Eric
  18. I've been an ACE member since 1988. They've held some events that were a lot of fun, but I haven't attended any since 1999. Even though I am a member, I still make fun of some of them. The club really isn't the same as when I joined. Too many people go on some sort of head trip that they're better than the so-called "GP." Most ACEers are just "GP" who have a card that admits them to ERT and buffets now and then. I remain a member because I think their publications are very good (though usually outdated by the time I get them). I do want to check out one of the ECC's magazines as a comparison. Everyone I've spoken to says they're top notch. Eric
  19. I'm not counting it as a new credit, mainly because while it is a brand new structure, it just replaces the old one with a beefier track. But that's just my 'pinion. I am looking forward to riding this in July or August. Eric
  20. The old Dragnet and Adam-12 episodes from the '60s. I also like the current Cops series. Eric
  21. ^ Could use some spelling lessons. < Could give spelling lessons. V Could give underwater basket weaving lessons!
  22. Mine is just my initials. Easy and to the point. 'Nuff said. Eric
  23. Something like this would be the perfect thing to put on top of a building like some of Japan's coasters. It would add a lot of thrill to it. Thank goodness that Parque Espana isn't replacing the Escalator Ride. That's a classic! Eric
  24. ^ Wasn't that ride all right-hand turns? That'd be kinda boring if you ask me... Eric
  25. How about changing mine to "TPR's Senior Citizen" if you would, please. That fits me! Eric
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