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  1. Believe it or not, I will. Those made for great pictures and I liked how their colors/patterns changed for holidays and special events. Have you ever chopped down a tree?
  2. ^ I've heard stories of people leaning forward and/or trying to stand up while entering or in the loop itself. Supposedly, because of the sudden increase of G forces upon entry, you can smack your face on the seat in front of you or the front of the car if you're not sitting back in your seat. Eric
  3. I actually like No. 3 the best. To me, the subtle grayish outline goes better with the colors. Eric
  4. ^ June Lake is a nice place, too. I don't know if you can ski there, but it's very nice during the summer. Eric
  5. When I eat M&Ms, I eat the green ones last. Eric
  6. My last visit to Great America was in 1999, about four or five months before Stealth opened. It was for an ACE event, and we got to tour the Stealth site (somewhere, I have a picture of myself next to the loop). Of course, since it wasn't open and I haven't been back, I never got to ride it. [/rambling] What I'm getting at is that it's been quite some time since anything major went into that park, which is one reason why, despite only living about 350 miles from it, I haven't gone back. I've often wondered if in fact the proposed 49er stadium will kill off the park. Unlike its counterpart in Illinois, there isn't much (or any) room for expansion, so I can't see this park being open more than a few more years. Unless, of course, there are things that I don't know... Eric
  7. ebl

    Illegal Credits

    There wasn't enough room in the title to spell out what I wanted to ask, so I'll clarify that here. Does it count as a credit if you ride, say, a kiddie coaster where you're too tall, but a rogue ride op allows you to ride anyway? After seeing some pictures of adults riding Wile E. Coyote/Goliath Jr./Percy's Railway, I got to wondering about this. Eric
  8. ^ The Times blog did say something about the ride returning one track to forward operation at some point, but I don't recall if they gave any specific timeframe for doing so. Eric
  9. ^ A prairie dog? I've never heard of anyone having one of those as a pet. Is it working out OK? Eric
  10. "Are you not going to WCB this year?" (Sir Clinksalot) Not the SFMM part. I have a family wedding out in the San Gabriel Valley that day, and I don't think I could do both. But I might make it to the Knott's part. Eric
  11. So it looks like S:EFK will be open for WCB. You guys will probably get the first ERT on it! Eric
  12. Today I took all of my recyclable glass to the recycling center and got...a quarter for all of it. So, it pays to recycle. NEXT UP: Adventures in Aluminum... Eric
  13. I can't say that Haunted Mansion is superior in CA, but Pirates and Small World are. Eric
  14. Picked up the tickets for the January 15 Kings-Oilers game. Due to a little last minute seat shuffling, the tickets are in Section 118, not 114. But I checked out the seat viewer and it looks like they should still be good seats. But I'm not going to complain about getting $117 seats for $73 each. Eric
  15. ^^ That guy needs to post here when he's awake. Could be yes or no on Windseeker. It seems cramped, but it could work out. I hope it does. Did/does your grandma give you candy when you visit?
  16. The gondola pictures remind me of the old Eagles Flight at SFMM, removed in 1994. RIP Otherwise, this really looks like good fun. I've never skiied, but a few friends have said that with my love of coasters, it'd be an ideal thing for me to do. Can you learn to ski after age 50? Eric
  17. The thing with the Sky Cabin is that its overall width is constant, meaning that a coaster track could theoretically be designed to go around it. Windseeker's outside diameter varies as the entire assembly climbs and rotates faster (and descends, rotating slower), meaning that the swings are in various positions, which could interfere with the operation of a coaster. Therefore, it was better to keep the Sky Cabin where it is, though the effort they're going through to put Windseeker in Fiesta Village seems awfully complicated in its own right. Eric
  18. Of course...then their rides will Pax a punch. Why did they settle on 21 as being old enough to drink rather than 22 or 26?
  19. It keeps film out of the landfill. Why aren't there black LEDs?
  20. Yes or no. Do you eat meals in front of the computer or TV?
  21. No; when I was in school, the grades only went as high as D. Do you think people rely too much on their electronic devices?
  22. How will Green Lantern (at SFGAd) run efficiently with three trains when Riddler can barely run with two? Will ride ops there be more efficent, or am I misunderstanding something? Note, it's been a rough couple of days for me, so my thought process is not all there... Eric
  23. In my observation, people are still going over to put their stuff on the shelves, then coming back to get locked in. I've said it before, if SFMM wants people to use the pay-per-use containers, then they need to clamp down on people leaving stuff on the side of the ride and remove any shelves or cabinets that might give the impression that things can still be left there. Eric
  24. ^ Tim started at the park as a ride op at Revolution, I believe. He's about my age, so that means he's been there about 30+ years. Unfortunately, while he may have some influence on decisions regarding rides and/or operations, it all comes down to corporate and the higher ups at the park. Eric
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