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  1. You get a framed picture of a crescent moon. Inserts an old cell phone...
  2. Gets 2000 pennies. Inserts a cat...
  3. I noticed that a car was removed from the train on the shuttle. (Normally there are seven to a train on those.) Also, is this the same park with the Giovanola inverted coaster? This is a nice report about a park that few in the U.S. have been to. Eric
  4. It will be quite interesting to see what kind of input some of these "advisors" give. Eric
  5. My guess is that their "advisor" candidates are season passholders? That's the only thing that makes sense to me. So far, I haven't been asked anything about SFMM, so I haven't provided any input...yet. There is an e-mail address where I can contact them with any issues regarding this position. Nice to see that at least one new Superman car has arrived. The three-seat front row came about because of the wedgy "aerodynamic" shape of the original car. Most likely, they would have put three seats in the back of the new one, but the OTSRs might have been just a bit wide to do so. That, of course, is just a guess. Eric
  6. I got a kick out of this. Thanks for sharing. Eric
  7. I got an e-mail this morning inviting me to become a "Six Flags Advisor." This message claimed that my input will be helpful to the parks. Not a paid position (unfortunately "paid" is the kind I need right now), but it sounded like fun so I signed up. Maybe my "influence" will get us that long awaited drop ride... Eric
  8. No, but they just can't call him "Spot" anymore. Our electric and gas bills have shot up lately, but we haven't been using any extra electricity or gas. So why is that?
  9. Then that's one less person you'll have to invite for Thanksgiving. The Disney character Pluto was named for the smallest planet. Now that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, what should they do with Pluto the dog?
  10. ^ I go to parks alone all the time. Even if you come to WCB by yourself, you'll find someone cool to hang out with real soon! Eric
  11. My Droid 2 also has an autostitch application or feature for photos, but I still need to learn how to use it. EXCELLENT report! I have officially added going there to my kick-the-bucket list. Eric
  12. Because Bob Marley is a lot cooler than white London gang kids---and they know it. How did 36-24-36 come to be considered "perfect" measurements for a woman's figure?
  13. ^^ I believe the second drop on Goliath is 186 feet. At the moment I can't remember where I saw that, but I remember that figure. Eric
  14. Because having Braille on them makes them ADA compliant. Why don't they have elevators that move left, right, forward, and backward?
  15. ^ I'm reasonably sure that the thought of launching Superman backwards goes all the way back to when it opened. Many times over the years I've wondered what that would be like, never even imagining that they ever would. Eric
  16. ^ And I saw that---just as I was eating dinner... Thank goodness I wasn't eating crab, though... Eric
  17. ^^ Actually, even with just a lap bar, the launch could be reprogrammed to not have a "burst" of speed at the start, but to take off more slowly and gain speed more gradually. Whether that would use more power is unknown, but it would reduce the possibility of a "faceplant" upon dispatch. But they're being safe rather than sorry with the new cars. Eric
  18. ^ I would love to ride like that. But I bet it's pretty rough. "Took me a minute to figure out you were quoting someone on this thread. Thought you were using italics to make a point or something." (krazekiddd) That's how I quote because I can't stand that big, clunky quote box. Regarding Riddler's Revenge, I've often seen the ops have to unlock and relock the seats after people have been bouncing on them while waiting and then locked in the wrong position. If people would wise up and not bounce, I wonder how much faster they could get the trains through---and maybe even run all three with minimal stacking. Eric
  19. "Technology is what allows me to go to the parks AND keep up with the Laker games" (DJeXeL) Actually, that's unfortunate it's really annoying to have to listen to people in line cheering for their team and talking about the game. Some of us go to parks to escape the whole sports scene. It's that same mentality that has stopped me from going to the movies. People just can't stop yakking and texting and calling for a mere two hours to enjoy something. The whole concept of multi-tasking at work has crept into our social lives as well. We can't focus on and enjoy one thing to its fullest. Eric
  20. ^ In my experience, the X2 gets more trains out faster than Tatsu and Ridder's Revenge. Eric
  21. ^ I guess I've never had the privilege of seeing a head crab, sooo... Eric
  22. I've often gone to a park on Super Bowl Sunday---less crowd, and I can't stand football anyway, so I'm not going to watch the game. But in recent years, I'm seeing more and more people at parks that day. Technology has allowed us to bring the game with us wherever we go. Eric
  23. ^ I would avoid Saturdays at all cost---except WCB, of course, provided you're going. Eric
  24. ^ No surprise with Riddler's one-train operation. It's been like that for awhile. But for the record, Sundays are usually better days to go to SFMM. When I go on a weekend, that's the day I go. Eric
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