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  1. No, he was headed over to Beef-fil-A. Do you study for blood tests?
  2. ^ If you sit in the back row on Tatsu, you can gray out in the pretzel loop as well. The one on Tatsu is about 1.5 times bigger than the ones on other flyers, and it comes toward the end of the ride. Eric
  3. ^ I've been trying to figure out which sites these are, too. Right now, I only post here and on Westcoaster. It'd be interesting to read that stuff, if for no other reason than pure entertainment. It is pathetic how much time some people spend on "revenge" or "harassment" of someone they don't like. As for me, I just let them go and find something else to do. There are just too many other things to do out there! Eric
  4. I would guess that the "blues" mentioned means that there will be music of some kind. For whatever reason, I never did try Longhorn's, but I'll stop by and try this one. Eric
  5. ^^ I got that e-mail, too. And one perk: if you have the Xtreme Pass, you're guaranteed a seat. I don't know how that will work, but I should try and get out there this weekend to check it out. Eric
  6. I second that, Wes. In the 30+ years I've been in the workplace, I've seen plenty. Eric
  7. I think it's always a good idea to go to a job interview in business attire, regardless of the position. It shows your prospective employer that you're serious about working for them. You certainly can't go wrong with at least a shirt and tie and a nice pair of slacks. And remember a few things too---a nice, firm handshake and good eye contact. And ask questions about the position. They'll know that you are at least interested. Good luck to you. Eric
  8. Not by themselves (unless they have peanut butter inside), but, strangely, I do like the Pretzel M&Ms. Just about everyone knows that Coca Cola was invented in Atlanta, GA, but do you know where Pepsi originated?
  9. They've been testing Superman for awhile now and I don't think any impending rain will affect it. Eric
  10. ^^ So the March 19 date is backed up by SFMM, huh? So about five or six weeks from now it'll be open. I'm sure they'll get it done, barring any weather issues. Eric
  11. ^ Not so dumb if they look alike. And better than taking a sleeping pill when you were supposed to take a vitamin... Eric
  12. Good job interview today. Maybe... Eric
  13. ^ That means that you can't post anymore because then it won't be your birth year any longer! Eric
  14. I did a little research and found that apparently during an investor meeting at Six Flags, it was announced that Road Runner Express would open on March 19, 2011, the same day as Superman---Escape From Krypton. Source: Wikipedia Of course, being Wikipedia, you can sometimes take things with a grain of salt... Eric
  15. Strange...I'm a Baptist and I never even heard of that event! But I also know better than to go to SFMM on a Saturday at any time of the year (except WCB). Just think---in about a month, we'll be riding Superman! Isn't Road Runner Express supposed to open in March as well? Gregg, did you notice any construction in that area? I wouldn't think it would take too long to get that up and running since the ride itself is already on site. Eric
  16. ^ Did one of the dummies in the front seat fall out? And those brakes look more like anti-rollbacks than brakes...but I'm sure they're not. Does each row sit higher than the one in front of it like in the old cars or are they all level. I ask because I'm wondering about the view you'll have while riding. Eric
  17. The site of the old Eagles Flight station on the hill is a good spot for a ride with a view---drop tower, Ferris wheel, whatever. Strangely, one thing I miss from the mountain is the tower with the neon that lit up. That was put up there when the Magic Pagoda was open, and I believe was removed when Ninja opened. It wasn't an "attraction," but just something cool. Eric
  18. Look into Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. That's some good eatin'. It's best to make a reservation. One nice thing is that the monorail stops there, so it's convenient in that sense. Eric
  19. I wasn't aware that you saved 5% throughout the park with the Discover card---I just thought it was admission. A Ferris wheel would make a nice attraction at SFMM. Their old Galaxy (where Buccaneer and Swashbuckler are now) was a good ride, though it often didn't run because it was troublesome. A good drop tower makes sense to add because it would fall in line with the thrill factor at the park. However, because SFMM has become known for its coaster collection, I can't see them adding many non-coaster attractions in the near future. Ferris wheels are slow loading, so they're not going to get the capacity. I hope Bonnie walks through the park on occasion. The only thing is, though, that oftentimes Jay or Neal would greet people and ask how their day was going only to get little or no answer. Many guests weren't sure what to say next because they weren't used to having people in a shirt and tie greeting them. Eric
  20. ^ I have a feeling that you'll put in some overtime... Eric
  21. ^ I hate the idea of having to put down a pet. We've done that many times over the years and it's never easy. Eric
  22. ^ I'm surprised that you have Baja Fresh, but not Del Taco (close to you, anyway). I say that because I've always thought of Del Taco as a much bigger chain than Baja Fresh (which was founded just over the hill from me in Newbury Park). But I'm sure fast food chain locations are determined by market research, and apparently, Del Taco didn't feel that your area was suitable for some reason. Baja Fresh is good, as is El Pollo Loco. Not great, but good. As I stated before, I'm just not that into Chipotle. Eric
  23. I actually prefer Del Taco to Taco Bell, as Americanized Mexican food goes. Eric
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