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  1. ^^ I have to ask...where was that taken? It looks like some sort of streetlamp convention. Eric
  2. You get a Sopwith Camel. Insert a kidney bean...
  3. If there is any wish for SFMM, it would be for management to crack down on slow ride ops. Of course it's not going to happen, but what a positive effect it would have. And it wouldn't cost them much, if anything. Eric
  4. Strange as it sounds, I can almost imagine Green Lantern's capacity as being better than Deja Vu or maybe even Tatsu. Or maybe it'll just seem faster because the ride is fairly short and will operate multiple vehicles. It could be similar to FreeFall if anyone remembers that one... Eric
  5. Crossing my fingers for a job interview this week. Eric
  6. ^ A sign warning of one-train operation? That's a new one. But it's a good idea and should have been done a long time ago. Maybe I can get out there next weekend, and if so, maybe next Sunday will be the same way. Eric
  7. ^ I'll second that. To anyone who was out there today, how were crowds, wait times, etc.? Eric
  8. Because Mexicans like to go out for American food once in awhile. Why is Jeff Johnson considered to be so old when it's obvious (by the age shown under our avatar) that I'm even older than he is?
  9. White near the top, but sort of a fungusy green closer to your feet... Why would they call the little round thing to put under your glass a "coaster?" What could that mean?
  10. You get a message asking for the other half of the dollar. Insert a tongue depressor...
  11. Only Green Lantern at SFMM. Do you keep your phone on vibrate or silent mode?
  12. Then come out to the coast. We have a bunch of piers out here. Eric
  13. You get that crowd of rowdy people out of your house in record time. Insert a basketball...
  14. Pictures or not, I believe him. It's about time for track to start arriving anyway. Also, Road Runner Express's track should still be there, right? It was the last time I was there. Eric
  15. I see coaster trains stopping just before pulling into the station often, even when the other train is long gone. Isn't that for safety reasons? Eric
  16. Not a real one, but at one time I was planning to build a huge working model of one. Have you done your 2010 taxes yet?
  17. So Dreamworks could sell eleventy million DVDs. Why are cups wider at the top than at the bottom?
  18. With its proximity to the San Jose Airport, I don't think CGA can build anything much taller than 200 feet, so that lets out a Top Thrill Dragster type ride. Eric
  19. When is Super Bowl Sunday? Obviously I'm a big football fan... I'm thinking about heading out there one of these Sundays. Unfortunately I have yard work to do tomorrow (that I should have done today), so that's my plan instead of a day at SFMM. Eric
  20. ^ That's one of the nice things about being in Southern California. You have coasters open all year long. Eric
  21. ^ I know the last time I ate one, the years still began with a 1. Eric
  22. Even though I don't think a mere dollar is too much to pay for the peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe and secure, the policy is clearly not popular with park guests. Other chains don't charge anything for guests to store their stuff for a limited time, and they seem to be OK. What might have made this work is, say, a one-time $5 charge that would cover you for the entire day. Eric
  23. ^ I didn't even know that Maverick's trains had names. But the ones on Riddler's Revenge did at one time. I just can't remember what they were now. Eric
  24. You get an invitation to be an advisor. Inserts a Lincoln Log...
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