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  1. ^ I bet that won't be up for very long. Sort of like the video of the Xcelerator accident, it won't last long. Eric
  2. ^ I use the Humilog (9-12 units) before each meal, and one daily shot of Lantus (30 units) in the evening. And just watch the heck what I eat and do a lot of walking. My doctor is pleased with how I'm doing. I'm awaiting my latest blood work results, but on the last one, my A1c was 7.2. At Wendy's, when I get chicken nuggets, I don't get any of their dipping sauces---I just use the chili. And that's good stuff! Eric
  3. I know, but I was referring to the original design. And your cat is annoying because SUMWUN TAEKD ITS PIE!!1! Why do vehicles have to be no more than 18" away from the curb (in CA at least)?
  4. With that giant letter in full view, I'm surprised that no one has vandalized it. I hope there's some sort of fence/alarm/moat near it to keep vandals away. And if it belongs to John Stamos, why didn't he buy the "s" from the sign? Eric
  5. Abrupt change of subject here, but will that old train station building (pictured below) be used for anything, or will it be ripped out? One person thought they might use it as part of the queue for Road Runner Express, but that would depend on the orientation of the ride on the site. Eric
  6. Honest John's Used Sheep. If you hurry, you can get one for $99 down and 0% interest for six months. Be careful, though, as John may pull the wool over your eyes in the deal. Why did Arrow give their corkscrew a clockwise turn?
  7. Since when does ghetto mean giving you the runs? That means your body does not like it. I'm well aware of that. Since I didn't remember when I wrote that, I went back and found this post, and also discovered that this thread had been merged with another one, so I don't remember what I was responding to, being that my quote was from a few years back. Anyway... @ JJ728, I'm not on the pump (yet), but I do inject insulin "the old fashioned way." How much I inject depends on what my pre-meal blood sugar level is, and what I anticipate eating. If my reading is on the low side (<90), I'll inject 10 units of Humilog and then I can usually have pretty much anything, though I'm still careful and still forgo the fries. Eric
  8. ^ Be patient, Brandy. These things take time, and your patience will be rewarded. Trust me. Eric
  9. There really is a lot to see there. I've been going down there since I was a kid back in the early '70s. And there's even more there now. The Metro Red Line (subway) has a stop there, which makes it very convenient. (Note: if you use the Metro, get the all-day pass for $6---unlimited access to all Metro buses and rail till midnight. And it's a lot easier and cheaper than trying to find parking.) Eric
  10. ^ I know where the picture in your avatar was taken. Eric
  11. ^ It's all about being careful, regardless of whether it's fast food or the homemade kind. I do eat more fast food than I should. But with a few guidelines, I do just fine. 1. No more fries. That cuts down greatly on the dreaded carbs. 2. No sauce on burgers---especially mayo (which I can't stand anyway), dressing, etc. 3. If available, choose a wheat bun for burgers. That increases fiber (which is a carb, but has no effect on blood sugar). 4. Stick to the smaller food items, or items that are high in protein. 5. Drink only diet sodas (an obvious one for us sugar-challenged folks). Eric
  12. ^ Katy's Kettle is up in Rapids Camp Crossing, next to the entrance to Roaring Rapids and just across from the entrance to Tatsu. Just follow the crowd! Eric
  13. ^ List or link to list, please. That I'd like to see. Eric
  14. ^ Actually, having a reverse color scheme would be cool, but from pictures I've seen, the two cars are identical. I think this is just an overlay for the commercial shoot. Eric
  15. Maybe I'll try for the Green Lantern event. That could be a lot of fun. Eric
  16. No, but we used to have a Husky. Now all we have is this. Does your community have a Fresh & Easy store yet?
  17. The new cars are basically the blue color. It looks like they did that funky paint job just for the commercial. But you never know... Eric
  18. For anyone who went to the shoot, were they running both tracks? It looks like they were. Eric
  19. ^ I would guess "yes" on crowds heading to Superman---especially since I'm sure its opening will be played up in the media and possibly at the park itself. Eric
  20. No, you have a piece of Terminator! (I still have my piece, too.) It looks like I'm going to miss the entire weekend. But for all of you who do go, you're going to have a great time as I did every time I've been. If you haven't already, SIGN UP! Eric
  21. A typical Denny's restaurant. Why is fire hot instead of cold?
  22. ^ I hope she doesn't read TPR... We just got a Fresh&Easy store today. Rant: not enough parking. People were out there yelling at other drivers (one guy let out quite a stream of profanity when someone didn't move their car at his command). I just parked across the street and walked over. Hopefully once the store has been open awhile things will die down. Eric
  23. Anyway, to continue... Yes, I do use a browser with a spell check, even though I don't need it. Do you use iTunes?
  24. ^ Not at all. It's actually pretty comfortable. And remember, Superman doesn't have any turns, so there's no side-to-side movement. Eric
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