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  1. Maybe all of this Rocky Mountain work on large, older wooden coasters will drive home the fact that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to wood. Eric
  2. Job interview at 10am tomorrow...wish me luck. Eric
  3. ^ Exactly why SFMM is "borrowing" some of us for these so-called "technical rehearsals." They want to get some idea as to what needs to be addressed before opening it to the thousands of people that will wait to ride it. Eric
  4. ^ I'm glad they used the triangle track. To me, that looks a lot better. But I'd like to see pictures of the other track. Eric
  5. I don't count it as a separate credit, but how about Psyclone backwards at SFMM? It ran that way only one time, during Fright Fest in 1994 and I took one ride on it. Even though it was after the Northridge earthquake earlier that year, Psyclone still wasn't that bad to ride. Riding it backwards was...interesting. I rode in what would normally be the front seat. Eric
  6. Having a point means you're a sharp person. Eric
  7. I just watched that video and I noticed that they've added the green wrap onto it. When I rode a couple of weeks ago, it was still the regular blue color. Having the red wrap on the right track's car, and now the green on the left side looks really nice. Hopefully they can continue launching the cars as high as they're getting now once S: EFK opens to the public. Eric
  8. Got three new pairs of Reebok DMX Max walking shoes yesterday at our outlet store for just $130. They're normally about $55-60 in regular stores, but the outlet has an ongoing deal: Buy one pair, get a second pair for half off. Buy two pairs, get a third pair free. Eric
  9. ^ It's just like people who save their drink cups and go back to get "free" refills of soda the next time visit. Eric
  10. Obviously I need to get out more. It would be nice if somehow Cedar Fair could get CGA back on track. There are enough people in the Bay Area to support a few theme parks. Eric
  11. Average Reaction Time: 0.2234 seconds Gender: Male Time (Of day) Test Is Taken: 10:26am Age (if you don't feel comfortable, post an age bracket): 51 Do you play video games frequently (More than or equal to two times a week): No. Hope that helps! Eric
  12. I don't think Cedar Fair would put so much into Grizzly if they weren't planning to keep PGA open for at least a few more years. Maybe improvements to Grizzly = PGA not closing (yet). Eric
  13. You can never have enough chocolate, you say. That's for damned sure. This was an interesting report, and thanks for sharing it. Once I figure out how I'm going to make sugar-free peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I'll do a similar report. And happy 55th to your grandparents. Eric
  14. If walking is a sport, then yes. Have you ever jump started a car?
  15. ^ Actually, that RV park is a bit west of the interchange. In the photo below, I've indicated where it is in relation to SFMM. Hope it helps. Eric
  16. Isn't this area where the famous Saturn plant was? Eric
  17. Yep. And not only posted here, but one that I've already posted. Have you ever put an object on the railroad tracks so a train will flatten it?
  18. Can't wait to get my claws on this one. Eric
  19. Just found out that one of the jobs I was hoping to get was canceled. I've never been sure how a company can "need" someone, then decide otherwise. Eric
  20. ^ Your answer made me laugh! If I owned my own airline, I'd call it "Airline---We Fly Jets." Why are animals that you keep in your home called "pets?"
  21. Yes, and it's hard to sleep all afternoon. I am up past midnight on a regular basis. Do you ever bake cookies?
  22. That you have some sort of corrupted ménage à trois going on... Why does McDonald's refer to themselves as the "Golden" Arches when their sign is clearly yellow?
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