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  1. ^^ We have a Chipolte up in Newbury Park, and I've stopped in a few times. Honestly, I'm not really that impressed. Not terrible, but not exactly "OMG!!1!! I WANT MOER RITE NAO!!1!1!" Eric
  2. If I remember correctly, the girl who was killed was from Thailand. Over the years, Six Flags has hired people from other countries as sort of a foreign exchange program, and she was one of them. Eric
  3. I went in to get my tires rotated today, and left $260 poorer. Turns out my front brake pads needed to be replaced and the rotors needed turning. Eric
  4. I've long known about the Scream! incident, and knew approximately where it took place, but for whatever reason never noticed the bleach stain. Next time, I'll make sure to look. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this incident lead to the blaring horn as a train is dispatched? I don't remember it when Scream! first opened, and it's interesting that this ride is the only one in the park that has it. Eric
  5. You'll know it's cold when we have a snow day in Ventura County. On the other end of the scale, my first week of junior high (September 1971) was all minimum days because the heat got up to over 110*F, which at that time was the cutoff to hold full days. This was in the San Fernando Valley (southeast of SFMM). Eric
  6. I can't see that theater being removed---at least not any time soon---simply because the park needs an outdoor entertainment venue for pyrotechnic and stunt shows. How popular such shows are, I couldn't tell you. Personally, not being a show person, I don't see the shows (which is why the number of my lifetime visits to USH and SeaWorld are in the single digits). But that's me. Others may thoroughly enjoy them. Eric
  7. None of my own... Are you planning to attend any weddings this year?
  8. A two-level parking structure covering half of the existing parking lot could free up the other half (in theory), and being only two levels not be so visually obtrusive. A three-level one would be a bit taller and obstruct a little more unless they went a bit underground, and it would free up even more space. But such a structure is pretty expensive to build and maintain, so I don't see that happening any time soon. How nice it would have been for Six Flags to pick up that property at The Old Road and Magic Mountain Parkway and put in an entertainment district and some additional parking. So it goes. The future at SFMM will be interesting... Eric
  9. ^ Of note, sometimes at Scream! you can still hear "...the EXTREME Park!" during the recorded spiel. Eric
  10. I'll say it again, In-N-Out is good, but I'm starting to like The Habit better. Eric
  11. ^^ Imagine how I felt a few years back when I was in ICU and my mom walked in saying, "If you weren't laying in that bed, I'd kick your ass." Sorry I got sick, Mom. I won't do it again... Needless to say, our relationship has been on a slow, but steady downhill grade ever since. Eric
  12. The trouble with flat rides is that SFMM has become known as the Coaster Capital of the World, and nothing less will do in terms of future additions to the park. Another thing to think about is how many people who whine about lack of flat rides will actually get on them? Personally, there are some I can live without, but I would definitely ride a Frisbee or something like La Revolucion. An extended Disk-O like CGA's Survivor would be a good addition in my opinion. Space? There are so many places at SFMM where a ride could fit. And any future coasters could certainly wind above and around existing ones. And, of course, aging rides like Grinder Gearworks and Atom Smasher (both added in 1974) will be removed/replaced at some point. I also saw Atom Smasher torn to pieces, but I think I saw a sign that said it was being refurbished. Note to Robb: I hope I didn't interrupt anything when I ran into you and Neal on Sunday under Revolution's lift hill. Neal is always pleasant when I encounter him in the park, as are you. I think it was the first time I ran into both of you at the same time, though. Eric
  13. Sheep-O-Matic has no age and no gender. Probably trying to pull the wool over our eyes... Eric
  14. All the time. The problem is that even if I had one, I couldn't get it out and turned on fast enough to capture whatever I wanted to record. Are you looking forward to whatever your home park is doing for 2011?
  15. ^ In this case, "a la" means "just like." Eric
  16. ^ The Enterprise was just behind where the pizza place is now, and the Spillikin train station was approximately where the entrance is to Batman The Ride. Eric EDIT: Z-Force, the looping starship, used the old train station as its queue, and the ride itself was to the west of it.
  17. Hmmm...I'm in ACE and I'm not fat...maybe I need to eat more fried chicken... Anyway, no, I can't do any impersonations of...anyone, actually. Do you flirt with anyone even if you're in a relationship?
  18. Because they look like the pictures of their parents from back when they were in high school. Why did Knott's take perfectly good 12-car trains on Jaguar! and add three more cars to each one?
  19. ^ Why does Adam Carolla have the same last name as a Toyota? Eric
  20. I think I have a checkerboard somewhere...that's about as retro as you can get... Do you read/participate in any other theme park websites besides TPR?
  21. He should be wearing a Jogman if he's jogging, so it doesn't count. Since the Droid phone uses the Android operating system, what should they have called it?
  22. Yep, a number of times. Have you ever gotten a traffic ticket?
  23. Actually, Thrill Shot has been at SFMM for awhile, but it hardly ever operates. I think it was already there by the time the one at Cedar Point collapsed in the freezing weather. I am glad that once it's gone there will be a spot open for something else. Eric
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