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  1. ^ Very true. Funny thing...both junior coasters in Bugs Bunny World will have Road Runner themes. Canyon Blaster had a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner figure on the trains (since removed), and now we'll have Road Runner Express. And of course the soon-to-be-former Percy's Railway was once the Wile E. Coyote Coaster. Honestly, though, the Coyote and Road Runner make good themes for junior coasters. Eric
  2. ^ In that area, it's entirely possible that you saw a coyote---and it wasn't one of the park's animals... As for one in captivity, I don't recall them having one. They did have a full grown male lion at one time, though. Eric
  3. Very nice design. Having a classic Knott's attraction and a classic SFMM attraction on the same shirt works very well. For a mere $10, it's a bargain. And if the shirts are of the same quality that they've been in the past, it's not just a bargain---it's a steal! Eric
  4. Yep, and since I'm heartless, I don't forward it. Do you put salt and pepper on your food before even tasting it?
  5. I hope the thugs don't return. I'm seeing more and more rude behavior coming back, but maybe that's just society in general. SFMM isn't as clean as it has been in the last couple of years---that I've noticed, and hope they address. As for the "Xtreme Park," I don't think it ever really went away. It can't, really, when your park is full of roller coasters and little else to do. Thomas Town was a nice try, but with only one "family friendly" attraction, it just never really clicked. SFMM has become known for its BIG THRILLS, so they should just stick to what they know best. But I did like the every two or three year spacing of the big coasters. That gives us a chance to get to know and enjoy the ones they have, and look forward to the next one. Eric
  6. I've never understood the whole "Movie District" thing. To me, with Riddler's Revenge, it came off as sort of an extension of Gotham City. (The words "Gotham City" have not been on the arch in front of that area for awhile now.) Honestly, the theming at SFMM is pretty weak, and the "themed" areas just sort of blend in with each other. I, too, see a return to the whole "Xtreme Park" days. In fact, sometimes at Scream! you can still hear a reference to "The Xtreme Park!" during the recorded spiel. But that's what SFMM means to most people. I don't think being a "family" park was going to be any more successful than Las Vegas trying to remake itself as a "family destination" back in the '90s. Eric
  7. I took a quick run out to the park today, arriving about 11:30. My plans were not to ride as much as I could, but rather just get out of the house for awhile. The line for X2 completely filled the switchbacks and all the way to the sign, so I skipped it. Viper's line was pretty short, so I jumped on that. I specifically rode in the front row of the sixth car on the yellow train...the so-called Arrow Magic Seat. Maybe it's just me, but there was no magic to be had there. Not a bad ride otherwise, though. Tatsu was busy as well with what appeared to be a three-day line, so I just walked up the hill and went up in the Sky Tower. Ninja had one train running with a fairly long line. Skipped. I was hoping to see Superman testing, but nothing doing. Two more months till I can ride it. I'll wait. Now it was time for Apocalypse. Strangely, a very short line. The first preshow: booorrrinnnggg... The second pre-show: See the verdict on the first one---exactly the same. Fortunately, the guy let us walk out of that not long after it started, so didn't have to watch the whole thing. but I figured it wasn't much better. However, the ride is about the same, though getting a bit bumpy. No fire effect. Next up was Batman The Ride. Very short line, decent ride. Colossus was closed and I didn't feel like riding Scream!, so I just got into Goliath's very short line and took a back seat ride. Fun as always. Then I left. Eric
  8. When you brush your teeth, you only need an amount of toothpaste about the size of a pea, so say a few dentists. I thought that wouldn't be nearly enough, but I gave it a try anyway. And you know what? That small amount is plenty! It foams up and cleans just like the 3/4 inch amount I used to put on, and there's much less of it going down the drain. Eric
  9. ebl

    Illegal Credits

    I guess what I originally meant to ask was that if the credit was "earned" by riding a coaster while not abiding by whatever policy is in place, should it be counted. But different people count their credits in many different ways, so there really is no definitive answer. Eric
  10. "On the contrary, some people might be content with sitting in the second row's outer seats since there'll be no seats in front of them. I know I would." (S33S313) Those were good seats on the original cars, too. If the line for the front was too long, I'd go for the outer seats in the second row. I took another look at the Superman testing video. If that's the new car, it looks like it only has three rows of four-across seating. I hope it's my vision playing tricks on me. On another note...I always laugh at the people who go to all the effort to leave the park to save money on food, either by going all the way out to their cars and driving down the hill, or by walking down there. Seriously, $53. ERT. Two meals. Free parking if you arrive early enough. Exclusive time with park management. You can't beat it. The only reason I'm not going is because of a family wedding. Otherwise, I'd be there in an instant. BTW...I have an Xtreme Pass, and I'd still pay it. Eric
  11. The girls really enjoyed the game last night in those Section 118 seats. One day I'll take myself to a game and see what all the hype is about. Eric
  12. Is the one in Canada still running? If so, go ride that one. It is a clone of Shock Wave/Batman The Escape. And yes, scrap it. I'll bet it's too far gone to make it financially feasible to rehab. Eric
  13. "I'd imagine that it still has 15 seats with 1 row of 3 and 3 rows of 4 like the last train." (Six Flags Enthuseast) From what I've seen, the configuration will be two seats in the front row (well, back row since it's going backwards), then four across in the other rows for a total of 14 riders per car. I believe that's how it is on ToT. Perhaps one of our readers from Down Under can verify that. One concern I have is how much longer will it take to load/unload riders with these OTSRs? The old lap bar was fairly simple, and I could usually time dispatches at about a minute-and-a-half to two minutes apart. Eric
  14. ^ To my knowledge, it's been at least ten years since that happened. Back in early 1998, I was invited out to SFMM to ride Superman while the Discovery Channel filmed one of its shows. That day, they filled both cars and launched them simultaneously a number of times till they got the shot they wanted. Racing the other car on that ride was a lot of fun. One side note, at that time, Riddler's Revenge was under construction and they happened to be building the lift hill that day. If you watch that Discovery Channel show, you could see the lift hill in the background at different stages of its construction. (During the time we were there, they completed one section of the lift hill). A funny thing about that show: because of how it was edited, you saw more of Riddler's lift hill earlier in the show---as if they were taking it down. Eric
  15. Backstage tour of the Log Ride? That will be at least as good as the backstage tour of the Calico Mine Ride last year! Eric
  16. "NEXT UP: Adventures in Aluminum..." (Me) Well, today was Adventures in Aluminum Day. And I got $35.20 for all of it---just enough to fill my tank with gas! Eric
  17. ^ Keep in mind, too, that the meals are all-you-can-eat, unlike regular park fare. Eric
  18. ^ Well, he is a "drama" teacher---he might as well be...dramatic. Eric
  19. I'm getting a laugh out of "how expensive the day is" because going to a concert can cost a lot more, as can other kinds of events. For what you're getting, it's one hell of a bargain. I have a Six Flags season pass and I'd still pay it and not expect a discount. If it weren't for a family wedding, I'd be there in an instant. Still might make it to Knott's, though. Eric
  20. Because printing all of that legalese can deplete the world of paper if they print in at a readable size, except in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and only on days ending in "day." Your mileage may vary, your experience may be subject to delays by TSA agents. Type of aircraft is subject to change. Power is in wattage, and wood pieces are cut across the grain. What happens to finger nail clippings that go into a landfill?
  21. How is the noise level? Can you still hear it all over the park? Eric
  22. Funny thing...when I first saw an installation of one of these, it was listed as a Vekoma ride. Then I saw "Intamin" and was confused for years. Anyway, I never did ride the XK-1 at Knott's, but did ride the identical Skyhawk at Great America. For me, it wasn't much fun, but the concept was good. Since Arrow apparently stopped building flumes sometime back, it's nice to see that Mack does. Eric
  23. I think the Dipper's trains are the only ones that don't have openings for entry and exit on both sides. But I think those were the first Morgans ever for wooden coasters. And Grizzly's Morgans are the only ones with square wheels. Eric
  24. "Sure it would be easier to ride with comfortable restraints, but I doubt ridership would increase enough to warrant the funds spent." (John Knotts) I agree. Revolution even with lap bars only would be more comfortable, and that's it. There are too many brakes on it now, and it would never match the rides in the late '70s. Very sad, too, because in its heyday, Revolution was quite a ride. Its layout is still good, but with the brakes, never again. I'm going to have to look into this S:EFK thing on Six Flags' Facebook page... Eric
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