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  1. "Rings of Saturn?" More like "Vomi-nator." Nice concept, but any park that puts that in will spend a fortune on that vomit cleanup stuff. Eric
  2. Dollar signs with a / through them. But a happy /. However did those hand powered cutting tools become known as "scissors," and why shouldn't you run with them?
  3. ^ I make fun of it because I make fun of everything. A-MOCK-alypse---The Ride. So there ya go! Years and years ago I did a spoof on the park that I called "Magic Anthill." I won't go into that here (mainly because no one would be interested in what I did at age 13). Anyway, I hope all of you going to SFMM for WCB have a great time. I have to miss that, but hope to make it to the other park on Sunday. With two of the three 2011 coasters open and running, there'll be plenty to ride. I look forward to the TRs of that day. Eric
  4. ^^^ You're right about the maintenance. The last couple of times that I rode Termpocalypseator it was a bit on the rough side---and that ride isn't even two years old yet. I certainly hope that SFMM gets on it and prevents Apocalypse from getting too bad. However, I can't see it getting as bad as Psyclone or GhostRider, if only because it's a GCII. If you start with good quality, it'll be easier to keep up. Eric
  5. To minimize the damage and keep their insurance rates affordable. Why do some vegetables and fruits have an outer peel, and some don't?
  6. ^^ Psyclone had three trains (red, orange, yellow), but only two could run at one time. From what I've been told, only the orange and yellow ones are left to run on Colossus backwards. The red train is being used for parts. Eric
  7. "Hell has frozen over. EBL said "53th" and "52rd" in the same post." (mightbeawannbe) Well, then hurry down there for some BO-DACIOUS skiing! Eric
  8. ^ What you said about the sign makes a lot of sense. The "quickie" sign will do for now, but a better one will come later. Eric
  9. We rode Rhino Rally during our visit and I got to sit in the navigator's seat. To be honest, that is an interesting attraction, but for some reason I've never had a yearning to ride it again. Eric
  10. ^ No, to be honest, it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. But they could have made it just a few inches wider to cover up the old Terminator Salvation letters. Eric
  11. That element on Cheetah Hunt has to be the weirdest looking thing from afar. It'll be interesting to see how it is to ride. One thing I've always wondered---is Cheetah Chase a clone of Mulholland Madness at DCA? It wasn't there the one time I was at BGT, but from all the pictures I've seen, it sure looks like it. You guys are doing some great reports. Keep 'em up! Eric
  12. The pre-show concept was a good one, only in this case, the spacing needed to be different in some way---maybe a little further back in line with some additional theming to fill the space between the last one and the station. But it's good to see that they're trying to work something out. Eric
  13. I ate at Topper's for lunch, and now I'm putting some Ghirardelli in my belly! Then later on I get to work a casino job in a nice neighborhood. Eric
  14. ^ Of course we could get really technical and consider Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA a coaster because the swinging cars do ride on rails and depend on gravity and momentum to move through the wheel. Did I see somewhere that Road Runner Express is supposed to open in March as well? They'd have to hustle, but it could be done. Also, I wonder if they'll repaint it to give it more of a Road Runner color, not a Mr. Six's tuxedo look. Eric
  15. Given the unusual appearance of Green Lantern, maybe some people will mistake it for some sort of construction equipment and think, "Oh, they must be building something there..." Eric
  16. I saw that Green Lantern will have five cars. Will all five ever run at the same time, or will it be like most of the other coasters where there's at least one car or train stored? I don't know how other Zac-Spin rides operate. Eric
  17. I think Mr. Six has been put out to pasture---or at least the boneyard... It'll be interesting to see what sort of "mascot" Six Flags will come up with next... Eric
  18. ^ Probably only in your neck of the woods, though. In our neck of the woods, we appreciate Hummers and big houses. Eric
  19. ^^ People's driving is often an extension of who they are. Rude people will drive...rudely. Stupid people will drive...stupidly. The thing is, if there were some kind of test that could weed out potentially bad drivers and deny them a license, would it surprise you if they drove anyway? Eric
  20. Because their eyes are slanted upward, giving them a more positive look on things. What would happen if you painted a room with maple syrup mixed into the paint?
  21. Yep, but haven't eaten 'em in ages. Have you ever driven off of a curb?
  22. My brother will celebrate his 53th birthday tomorrow. My 52rd will be in August. Eric
  23. Psyclone just didn't age well, and I'm sure the earthquake did it no favors. I'm no seismic expert and can't say exactly what the quake did to the ride, but it did go downhill quickly afterward (no pun intended). During the 1994 Fright Fest, ten months after the quake and the only time they did so, SFMM ran Psyclone backwards. I got to ride it one time backwards and it wasn't terrible, but not so much fun either. Eric
  24. ^^ If you've purchased a ticket and can't attend, the best thing to do is mention that here at TPR. Last year, I waited too long (dumb on my part and a long story besides), and one person came on here with an available ticket. I was able to buy her ticket and attend after all. And I'm glad I did because I was able to take the tour of the Calico Mine Ride at Knott's. But a note---if you go that route, keep Robb and Elissa informed. Eric
  25. Because those people are like that person who married a ride and sees them as living and breathing objects---which, of course, we all know they are... Why aren't any of the TPR Taiko smilies yellow or green?
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