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  1. I envy you for getting to ride the Cyclone Racer. It closed when I was about nine, and I wished dearly that my dad would have taken me there. He rode it many times and told me the stories. I went to what was known as "Queen's Pike" in the early '70s, on the same site as the original Pike, and they still had their old wooden wild mouse ride. For whatever reason, I didn't ride it when I was there. At that time, they also had a steel coaster, called Cyclone, I think. It was an off-the-shelf Pinfari Zyklon or something like it. That was the Mountain Express, a standard Schwarzkopf Wildcat. I rode that many times. Thanks for sharing your report. Eric
  2. ^^ Another person of my vintage! Welcome! While I never worked for Magic Mountain, I do have some memories of the pre-Six Flags days. It'd be great to share sometime. And I like the avatar. Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comics. Eric
  3. Wow! I haven't seen that logo since the '70s. Oh, the memories that brings back! Hopefully I can do the Knott's day. It looks like fun. Eric
  4. ^ Actually, even before diabetes set in (2002), I didn't drink shakes very much. Odd, because I do like ice cream. When I had my wisdom teeth removed in 1996, I was on a milk shake diet for a day or two---and I went crazy despite people telling me how much I was going to enjoy it. The good thing about being diabetic is that it has forced me to be careful about what I eat. Fast food is OK, provided I make wise choices. As indicated earlier, I've made the effort to do that. Eric
  5. ^ I hope the weather holds out for you. According to the latest forecast, it's not supposed to rain this weekend, though there is one storm in the forecast between now and then. Eric
  6. No one can sit there? Do they run those rows empty? Seems odd if that's the case. For anyone who went to the S:EFK preview last weekend, were they running both tracks or just one? I've seen pictures of the right track going, but none from the left one. Eric
  7. You can easily do Universal in a day or less. If you can spend two days at Disneyland, get a 2-Day Park Hopper and do as much as you can there. The Little Mermaid and Goofy's Sky School should be open by then, and as mentioned, possibly Star Tours 2.0. Eric
  8. As I mentioned on the SFMM thread, I took two preview rides on Superman--Escape From Krypton a couple of weeks ago. Wait till you see the view from almost 400 feet up...at night. Eric
  9. I remember for a time that McDonald's (at least the ones near me) simply colored a vanilla shake green and called it a "Shamrock Shake." No mint flavor. That was a "sham," all right. It's been ages since I had one, but I don't drink shakes as a rule...not even the ones from In-N-Out. Eric
  10. Because it was made east of the Rockies. What would happen if a huge, previously unknown swamp was discovered right in the center of California?
  11. All. The. Time. Have you ever had a supervisor of the opposite gender?
  12. ^ That's what OTSRs should be like. The ones that are some rides are overkill to the eleventeenth power. I look forward to riding Green Lantern. Eric
  13. I know who that is in your avatar. No you don't, because you weren't born yet when that movie was in theaters. Eric
  14. Still boarded up and still vacant (as of my last visit on February 20). I'm guessing that area will be used for a small attraction or game of some sort, or a station for something in the future. Who knows? We'll see. Eric
  15. Most of my rides on The Great Green Vekoma haven't been too bad, but if it happens to find a new home elsewhere, you won't catch me crying or anything. At last year's WCB, I rode about 100 feet of it---the train pulled out to climb the first tower, then abruptly stopped. We hung there for about ten minutes, then they pulled the train back to load/unload and we were done. "Welcome back! Now, git off." I went back later and got a full ride on it, however. Now with two Vekomas at diagonally opposite ends of the park, do you think there will be a strange, new vibe to the place? Eric
  16. Actually, the last time I was at Disneyland (September 2009), the price for parking was $14. So it's $15 now, huh? I'll just make sure to go with Diana---she has an AP with parking included. This is one reason why I do get SFMM's Xtreme Pass. Eric
  17. ^^ The back part of the track was still wide open when I rode last weekend. Neal did tell me that it was going to be covered, and from what you said, it now is. Eric
  18. So, how did the Superman preview go today? Did they get it up and running despite the weather? Eric
  19. ^ A visit to the ER a three-day stay in ICU, and a three-day stay in a regular room under a doctor's watchful care and some education from a certified diabetes educator will wake you up. Compared to back then, I'm in much better shape and stay on top of things. I want to be around long enough to play with my grandkids---and give them back to their mom to take 'em home! Eric
  20. ^ Not a Pepsi fan, are ya, Joey? No worries---neither am I. It's all about Coke at our house! Looks like you guys had a great time. Eric
  21. What about that legendary Korean food truck that you see on TV? Was it there? Eric
  22. It looks like there is a website: http://www.santaclaritafoodfest.com. It's too late for me to attend this year's event, but I'll bookmark that for next time! Eric
  23. I normally use Chrome, but we do have Firefox and I tried it with that. We have Verizon FiOS and use Windows XP Pro. The entire page---all the way to Z---loaded for me in just under five seconds. Hope that helps. Eric
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