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  1. This park has soo much potential and a major attraction on the dry side of the park can only help boost popularity. Even some great flat ride additions could really help make this a game changer for the park.
  2. Disney World, Universal and Sea World are all about and hour or so away from my house. Then there's Busch Gardens about an hour and twenty minutes away.
  3. I thought this was supposed to be the original layout? Are they even using any of the original structure for this thing? The layout reminds me of the coaster at Fun Spot in Orlando White Lightning.
  4. Everyone has to start somewhere. Patience is the biggest key to building a model from scratch. Model maker John Hunt was my inspiration. He has built some amazing coaster models. Check out his website sometime. Rollercoastermodels.com
  5. Are you sure you rode Kumba? Cheetah Hunt is no way more forceful than Kumba. Just the part going into the cobra roll alone has more intensity than all of Cheetah Hunt. Now don't get me wrong, I love Cheetah Hunt, but it is nowhere as intense as Kumba much less more forceful.
  6. I guess as the brush gets taller they can add music starting with Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses.
  7. I would love to see a show about defunct theme parks. Parks that were big in their heyday but for some reason went out of business and became victims of other development or abandoned in place with remnants still visible that they even existed. I don't recall seeing too many programs like that. Just think of the number of parks we've lost over the years: Astro World, Celebration City, Hard Rock Park, Boardwalk and Baseball, Guega Lake, Idora Park, Sea World Ohio and the list goes on. I'm sure there's enough archive footage to put something together.
  8. Looking pretty good it has a great bit of detail. Should look pretty awesome when all the colors are added and all the fine tuning.
  9. Kind of funny you say that because back when I still played RCT1 I made a park that combined amusement park with a drive in theatre. The park or course had a movie theme.
  10. Only Chris Sawyer can make this game series great again. After all, he was the one who created it but unfortunately he has no desire to get involved anymore.
  11. Well I think it's safe to say this is the end of this game series. It was a fun ride while it lasted(No pun intended). Now let's see where Theme Park Studio takes us.
  12. Kinda cool how they're multi-purposing the support structures with freefall rides on these accelerator rides. Think one day TTD will be rigged up like that? Then again they already have Power Tower so that's more likely a big No.
  13. I have had the bad luck of waiting in that very long line for Cheetah Hunt and only to have a thunderstorm shut it down just as I get close to the loading platform. Sad part is this has happened alot while waiting for the Hunt. But at the end of the day, better safe than sorry.
  14. Seems to me all the hoopla generated by this movie only made the turnstiles spin that much more. At the end of the day these activists only hurt their own cause.
  15. A treasure hunter's dream no doubt. I'll be posting mine soon, should be awesome.
  16. Would be great for Busch Gardens to get the rumored giga or hyper coaster. Since Gwazi will be firewood soon after all.
  17. Careful you might catch the attention of the Blackfish people with all this seal talk.
  18. What got me was that my son was aloud to ride the Scorpion at Busch Gardens at 42 inches. However he was not allowed to ride Sand Serpent which required a height of 48 inches. Scorpion in my opinion is far more intense than some wild mouse coaster.
  19. Happy Birthday Kidtums! I remember my son too anxiously awaiting the 48inch. mark. Hope you have a blast on your big day.
  20. I guess until we see some actual work begin on the site, this is just another in a long list of ideas unrealized. I have to agree that having failed twice even before the storm that they would be better off letting nature reclaim the site.
  21. I hope to make another coaster soon just deciding on which type of wooden coaster next. It's a fun hobby but takes a lot of time and patience.
  22. Wow a garden that grows roller coasters. I guess to furtilize it they had to scare the crap out of the riders first.
  23. I rode my first real coaster when I was in Jr High School. I visited a park called Deer Park Funland. Today it is now known as Michigan's Adventure. The coaster was Corkscrew and at that time it was a great ride. Prior to going there I was real skiddish about roller coasters or any upside down ride. My love of coasters began but really took off years later when I finally made it to Cedar Point. And the rest they say is history.
  24. Did anyone mention The Lost Boys? A lot of scenes were filmed at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. There is a movie called Mighty Joe Young with Bill Paxton and Charleze Theron. There was a scene I believe filmed at Santa Monica Pier where the ape saved a kid from a collapsing ferris wheel. I'm on a roll here.
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