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  1. With the popularity of the T-shirt thread I thought I would start one involving hats from our favorite parks and attractions. A few blasts from the recent pass. Gone in name and style only. A great park and coaster. The strange, the bizarre, the unexpected. Truly one of if not the best inverted coaster out there.
  2. I got these to share. A Michigan's Adventure shirt, one from Busch Gardens and of course the Knott's Berry Farm shirt from my Bag O Crap collection. I had more but time and several wash cycles later done them in.
  3. Here's a couple of Club TPR ornaments. Got them in my Bag O Crap recently and they look awesome.
  4. Looks like it was another great convention. What I would give to attend one of these events, seems like such a blast. Great job to the TPR team for another great event coverage for us back home.
  5. Well the Orlando eye took a few years from announcement to construction. So I wouldn't be so pessimistic just yet. Let's see what the next year or so bring.
  6. Wow this thing looks like a major blast. All those twists, turns and rolls along with some intense dives makes this ride a game changer in ride experience. I am looking forward to this new thrill machine. I wonder what the upcharge is going to be for this?
  7. I rode Leviathan for the first time last year and have to put that drop at the top of my list. It was my first gigs coaster and it was a blast. Sheikra's drop comes in a close second. I know folks here have mixed feelings about Leviathan but right now until I get a chance to sample better coasters this coaster's drop is tops for me.
  8. I have to say Busch Gardens as most attended park for me. I have been a pass holder for well over 15 years. I love the place and it blows me away how much it has changed over that period of time. Well I would love to discuss more but I need to get back down there and check out Falcon's Fury.
  9. Well I'm back with my Bag O Crap picture post so here we go. First is the list of the treasures that I beheld as I opened my box. *TPR draw string tote bag. *Knotts Berry Farm Coaster Solace 2008 t-shirt. *Ihu's Breakway Falls tote bag. *Holiday World lanyard with Club TPR Thunderbird Press Event card. *2 Club TPR Christmas ornaments. *Indiana Beach Souvenir Cup. *DVD-Coaster Expedition 8 UK and More Tour. *Club TPR magnet. *Theme Park Review magnet. *Geauga Lake keychain. *The Voyage Begins magnet. *Theme Park Review pen. *Alpine Blitz bracelet. *2 Disney Nature Chimpanzee buttons. And a nice bundle of brochures/maps: *Tokyo Disneyland 2013 *Tokyo Disneysea 2013 *Chimelong Paradise Park *Victory Kingdom Park *Happy Valley Park Beijing,China *Happy Valley Park Chengdu, China *Happy Valley Park Shenzhen, China *Happy Valley Park Shanghai, China *Joyland *Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels *Ocean Park Hong Kong *Legoland Florida *Movie Land Park Italy *Cedar point 2013 *Six Flags Great America 2013 *Six Flags New England 2013 *Lake Compounce *Waldameer Park 2013 *King's Island 2013 *Holiday World Indiana 2013 *Disneyland Hong Kong *Silverwood Park 2013 Again I want to thank Robb and Elissa for their very generous gifts. May you and your site be blessed for many years to come.
  10. Not sure on favorite but the pretzel loop on Manta at Sea World Orlando was the most forceful I ever felt.
  11. I just got mine yesterday and what a great surprise it was to come home from work to. Thanks to Robb and Elissa you both are great and very generous. I will post pics probably Sunday when I'm off from work.
  12. The Double O at Boardwalk and Baseball. It was later relocated to Fun Spot in Indiana where it was called Afterburner. Sadly it now is SBNO as the park is now closed. It was the first Arrow shuttle coaster built.
  13. So has there been any more info on Rhino Rally being shuttered for good and what may take its place? Kind of sad, not the most exciting attraction but still was fun with a good driver behind the wheel. My son loved riding this ride, especially all the bouncing around.
  14. Mine would have to be Kumba at BGT, considered one of if not the best old school B&M's. I remember riding it in 1996 and this thing blew my mind. A few months later I got my first trip to Cedar Point and was introduced to Raptor my first invert. The rest as they say is history.
  15. Mine would be Cheetah Hunt at BGT. As previously posted not a lot of Intamins in the south which is of course B & M country. Florida alone has at least seven of them. Maybe with Cheetah Hunt being a big hit here there will be more Intamins to follow soon.
  16. Looks real cool hats off to Six Flags. I just wish Busch Gardens would give Gwazi this RMC treatment.
  17. I'm pretty sure it was a parts issue. After all, this is a prototype ride and like they say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
  18. This thing is looking pretty awesome. I'm just blown away by the intricate detail of this coaster. Keep up the good work!!
  19. pretty! (tho maybe it's the angle, but I thought this looked taller in prior pics. . .no way did they reduce height, so it MUST be the angle) Trust me this beast is really a tall one. Pictures truly do no justice to actual size of these rides.
  20. That color scheme looks pretty good. Looks better than just the yellow and goes better with the new look of the area.
  21. I miss buzz bar type coaster trains. I remember riding the Hurricane at Boardwalk and Baseball back in the 1980's and what a more comfortable ride on a woodie it was back then. I'm not too crazy about how these seats and restraints have evolved over the years.
  22. Does anyone have any pictures of the new paint scheme? I'm looking forward to this beast and have no problem being patient with the park. I would rather have all the bugs worked out first so I can enjoy an intense and safe ride. Busch Gardens is great and I'm happy to be a pass holder for the last 10+ years.
  23. I just read that all the remaining rides were purchased by a foreign company and headed overseas.
  24. How are the models holding up? I have read that some of the mini cities have been looking a little rough. Things such as colors fading and disrepair. I hope they don't neglect any of the areas of this park. Being such a big park chain operator that would not look good for their reputation.
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