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  1. If they live for 40+ years even a change in CEO's or even new owners could put them back into a breeding situation if the powers to be decide to do so in the future. Maybe by that time a lot of these activist numbskulls will be a faded memory. I guess we can hope attitudes will change by the time the first whale passes on. Only God knows what the future will truly hold.
  2. Seems Manby was the worst to happen to Sea World. Instead of fighting for the company he caved in to the acti-turds. Shame on you Joel Manby.
  3. Boy this park can't catch a break. So much potential being wasted.
  4. That turn around looks dang near an inversion. This is one eye catching coaster and really compliments Sea Worlds already great skyline. Kudos to Sea World for adding a great addition to an already great park. Also a shout out to Tillikum and hoping he has a quick recovery from his illness.
  5. Looking very good, can't wait for this one. I think this will be better than RCTW by a mile.
  6. The Peturds and Blacktards are too busy smelling their own BS that they can't even form a rational thought or actually listen to people who know the truth and are the real experts in animal care and well being.
  7. Sadly the Blacktards will be out in force if Tilly doesn't recover. You sure don't see those activist morons doing a damn thing to help these animals.
  8. Does anyone know if the turn around portion of the ride has been completed yet?
  9. That is one fantastic looking coaster train, so sleek and ready to prowl. Sea World has done a great job theming their coaster trains. Manta with it's wings and now this great looking predator. I like the hard hats they gave the media too.
  10. I drove by there yesterday and was blown away at the sight. This is one beautiful looking ride. Should be a big thrill machine when it opens!
  11. It reminds me of Nitros layout at Six Flags Great Adventure. Of course there's slight differences but the initial out and back look so close to identical.
  12. I say the proof will be in the riding. We can speculate all day but the real test will be on that first ride. I myself am getting real excited for this new beast. I don't get too many opportunities to ride hyper coasters or anything bigger so this one being an hour from my house is awesome.
  13. I like that Islands Of Adventure look about the park. Very nice use of theming and the stadium was a nice touch.
  14. Falcon's Fury! This ride is incredible all 300+ feet of it.
  15. I went to the park on I Drive for the first time recently. This is a real class act of a park, small but packed with fun. They have a well rounded ride selection to meet all ages and the staff was very friendly. My son and I had a blast and we also enjoy their other park next to Old Town. I see great things for this little gem of a park chain.
  16. There were some spots on the track where paint started to peel a little. She will look like a million bucks once they're done. A nice compliment with a new ride set to open along side it.
  17. All the coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa ride amazingly in the dark. Something about going through those pitch black moments really adds something to the experience. Kumba's tunnel, Sheikra's underground moment after drop two. Cheetah Hunt's canyon section. Great for night riding.
  18. Finally got to visit this park over the weekend. This is a great little park. Very clean, great ride selection and friendly staff. That White Lightning coaster was a blast. I can't believe how fast that ride goes through that layout. Freedom Flyer wasn't half bad either with decent speed. All in all a well rounded park.
  19. Went to Sea World the day after Christmas and wow were they packed. Glad to see the park busy and defying the naysayers. Here's a couple pics of Mako going up. Not much changed still about where it was when last posted in here.
  20. Went to Sea World the day after Christmas and wow were they packed. Glad to see the park busy and defying the naysayers. Here's a couple pics of Mako going up. Not much changed still about where it was when last posted in here.
  21. How about the water scoops on rides like Sheikra? They assist braking while giving non riders a cool visual.
  22. The saddest part of this is Starliner is lost for good now. Even though the rebuild would pretty much be Starliner in name only, but ah what might have been. Sad to have seen the original park fade into the sunset like so many great parks before it. Progress isn't always a great thing is it?
  23. Pretty much all the Beemers in Florida are pretty decent on forces and I think Mako and the soon to be rebuilt Hulk are going to be great as well.
  24. Sheikra hardly qualifies as a forceless coaster. The feeling after that first drop is amazing. Happy that my state of Florida has some of the more forceful B&M's out there. The pretzel loop on Manta at Sea World is one intense inversion too. I can't wait to see what a rebuilt Hulk coaster will be like when it opens in 2016.
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