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  1. Here's another for you. An episode of Storage Wars had the husband and wife team visit Knott's Berry Farm. They found a vintage Knott's pennant but it was not worth much. They got a free day at the park. And an episode of American Pickers took place at Bushkill Park. They bought a few side show banners and made a killing on them. They shared the profits with the owner of Bushkill to help reopen the park.
  2. Okay here's another for you. Remember the old show Get Smart? They had a movie version called The Nude Bomb. There was a scene where agent Smart chased a bad guy through the Universal Studios Hollywood back lot tour which included an appearance of the shark from Jaws. I know I'm showing my age with some of these.
  3. How about that old monster flick The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms? The creature ends up at The Pike and dies amid the burning of The Cyclone Racer Coaster? Also there was an episode of Leave It To Beaver where they went to Coney Island I believe. Eddie Hasckle gets scared on the wooden coaster after teasing Beaver about being scared to ride. Not sure if it was Coney Island but it looked like Cyclone.
  4. This movie does look very good so far. How about we do a big list of rides we would love to see Godzilla stomp a mud hole in?
  5. For myself it's a toss up between ball cap and T-shirt. A good coaster logo really makes the difference. Now if they would offer more color varieties beside black or white.
  6. Kumba hauls butt into the cobra roll too. This ride truly sets the standard for a great B&M. Maybe someday if we all pray on it we will see a forceful Beemer again like Kumba.
  7. Welcome to the group it's good to have you here. The game is really looking good. Sadly I may have to upgrade my computer to meet the minimum requirements.
  8. When I was a kid I thought the simple Corkscrew coaster like the one at Michigan's Adventure was awesome. Now as an adult I think those layouts are all too brief. I mean drop, turn, two corkscrews and done. Now if a vertical loop or two preceded the turn like some others by Arrow do that would make these layouts better.
  9. So happy to read this post. I really hope the others who cancelled will consider doing the same and see the real truth.
  10. Thank you very much Robb. You run a very generous website and I'm proud to be a part of it. I sent my info via my gmail account. Thanks again!
  11. Maybe I missed this but what is the price going to be for this game? I browsed the site but haven't found a clear cut answer.
  12. I for one am looking forward to this because it does take the best parts of those other Sims and creates a total user friendly package.
  13. I wasn't being cruel I was just curious about the name. Relax not every comment is a shot at anyone.
  14. Wonder why he calls himself Mantis Man? You would think he would name himself after his ride of choice here.
  15. Don't forget Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure. The dragon themed trains are some of the best I've seen. Sadly the building going into the station lost a lot of the themeing when it was redone for Potter. As for worst I need a little more time to think about this.
  16. Don't we all? They are some pretty cool treasures aren't they?
  17. Is Phoenix and Scorpion getting a makeover to fit with the new color schemes?
  18. Yes, the gondolas did spin on that ferris wheel. Boardwalk and Baseball actually had two different ferris wheels during its short existance. The first one was there when the park was called Circus World and then after it became B&B it replaced the wheel with one similar in size but the gondolas were different in appearance. I think the other ferris wheel went to Ocean City, Maryland.
  19. Quick question about Lagoon. I read somewhere that the large ferris wheel they have originally resided at defunct Boardwalk and Baseball in Florida, can anyone confirm this?
  20. Sea World Orlando does have a nice balanced coaster selection. I agree Kraken is a very good floorless coaster that is smooth as glass yet forceful enough to be really fun. I only wish the under ground parts had more themeing instead of the steel walls but hey no biggie.
  21. That's cool they're themeing it to a beloved character like Speedy. It's nice to see that he is still relevant today considering how long it's been since he first appeared on Bugs Bunny.
  22. Those rides are truly insane from start to finish. Everyone I have riden has that maniac operator who would get a good spin going first. They are fun but it took me a long time to get the guts to ride my first one.
  23. Well I'm going to do my best to keep this one going. How about a nice little tune to accompany the ride like Puff The Magic Dragon? I know that was bad but hey what can I say? By the way, I'm not refering to the drug reference that some have associated with this song. Though I'm sure some aspirin was needed after riding this.
  24. Man I really need to get a pass renewal in order for Universal Orlando. I've been doing the Busch parks for sometime and haven't been to Universal since before even Harry Potter came to town. I'm blown away by the amount of expansion this place has undergone, not just the parks but the entire complex as a whole. Let's hope for a good tax return this year and a new pass.
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