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  1. Option 1 looks great. I like the larger Announcement section and the scroll of the subjects in announcements. The Twitter display is nice too.
  2. Pretty incredible work you're doing there. I can't wait to see the finished result.
  3. 1. Leviathan 2. Manta(at SWO) 3. Cheetah Hunt I did the parks with my son so I didn't get on many big coasters this past year.
  4. Patience is a virtue as they say. If the result is a superior product then they need to take all the time they need.
  5. This game looks promising. What impresses me is that the track layouts are smoother like the real thing and not jerky like RCT tends to be.
  6. Went to Sea World today and wow the place was packed. My son and I had a blast and really enjoyed the Christmas celebration. It seems to me that their attendance hasn't suffered too bad from this garbage with Blackfish. I want to applaud Sea World too for not leaving Christ out of the Christmas celebration. This is a great park and I see no malice where their animal care is concerned.
  7. Remember we live in the reality tv society now where people will by into anything such as this documentary. Heck many still believe pro wrestling is real! Maybe if people in this country actually tried to learn and not just get on a bandwagon with the rest of these activists and agenda forming meat heads we might actually start taking a step forward as a society.
  8. I applaud Sea World for putting out this letter. I think what they do does more to benefit marine life than most other organizations. My son and I are more than happy to making a trip there Saturday and will never tire of the awesome wonder of these animals. Sea World Parks and their sister parks are the most nourturing of their animal residents I've ever encountered. Hey they're good enough for the likes of people like Jack Hannah!
  9. Like I always say you can't fix stupid. These people really need to get a clue and hear the park's side of the story and get their facts straight. As with all things I believe this will blow over soon and they will run out of steam on this whole nutty campaign.
  10. I was hoping REO would have shown a little bit more sense and buck this trend. This has changed my view on a lot of these bands that I actually liked.
  11. The movie title Blackfish is itself stupid considering that whales are mammals and not fish. Just goes to show there's plenty of stupid going around these days. I love Sea World and so does my son and we plan to go visit this coming weekend. I'm sure the company will weather the storm and come out just fine in the end.
  12. Expand Rhino Rally to make up for losing the water part of the ride. My son and I love to ride it together and extending the route would be a plus for me.
  13. I'll give a BIG THANKS! I've been a forum member for only a short time but I get a bulk of my news and park goings on from TPR. Hopefully one day I'll get to join up for a meet, since I live in Florida myself not far from where the Alveys reside. Merry Christmas Robb and Elissa.
  14. How about Gwazi at Busch Gardens? Seems year after year with retracking and even train replacements this ride has not done very well. It has never regained the comfortable rideability it had when it first opened.
  15. That tower is going to be awesome. I've never been on one of those type of drop rides before so I'm getting pumped for this one.
  16. I think Cheetah Hunt's trains are pretty cool looking. Manta at Sea World Orlando also comes to mind with the large manta at the front and small ones in between cars.
  17. I just wanted to wish everyone at TPR a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Anybody hittting the parks for the holiday? What theme park or roller coaster thing are you thankful for?
  18. Looks pretty interesting, it sure will be quite a site to behold. Plus, who would of thought Florida would become home to the world's tallest roller coaster?
  19. I hope Scorpion stays, my son loves that little coaster and it's one of only a few he can ride right now at 48inches. I too like that little coaster it is a fun coaster for the size and compact layout. I hope Stanleyville Falls doesn't end up on the chopping block anytime in the future. It's a classic plus being one of the longest flumes in the country.
  20. I posted a question recently about the fate of Rhino Rally and now that post is gone. Was there something in my post that warranted removal from this thread? If there was what was it so I don't make the same mistakes in the future?
  21. Well there seems to be a lot of talk going around about a hyper replacement for Gwazi. It sure would have been nice to see it get the topper track treatment like Texas Giant and Rattler did. The last decent wood coaster in Florida I recall was the Hurricane from defunct Boardwalk and Baseball. I never got a chance to ride Starliner when it was still at Miracle Strip or Cypress Gardens. The former Triple Hurricane at the now Legoland was decent for a small woodie. As for the speculated hyper for Busch, let's hope for a good one that's taller than Sheikra.
  22. Regular Fries or Curly Fries? Destination parks vs. Regional parks? Family owned parks vs. Corporate owned parks?
  23. If Hell were a roller coaster this one would be it. I think I burst a blood vessel in my brain from just watching this video. Somewhere out there there's a scrap yard just knawing at the bit to welcome this coaster to it's humble abode.
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