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  1. Pretty cool article, there's definatly a lot of coasters on that list I would love to ride someday. I agree about Kumba, it's a great ride that still delivers after twenty years of service. Busch Gardens is my home park and I feel blessed to have some of the best coasters on the planet all located in one park.
  2. It's always better to have a well rounded park experience, having the thrills blended in with an immersive atmosphere. To me great visuals definately add to the ride experience as a part of escapism.
  3. Cool looking ride that tire launch reminds me a little bit like Hulk's launch. I wish we could get a few coasters like this in the States.
  4. Dang that's one pretty coaster, can't wait for opening day. This little park is really coming into its own with such an amazing expansion.
  5. To me it doesn't make sense to move a troubled ride from one park to another, especially if the problems will continue at the new location. Look at how much retracking this ride has undergone and results haven't improved even with new trains. I still say the Rocky Mountain treatment would be the only way to save this coaster.
  6. I don't know about the drop tower, but I would love to see a frisbee type ride go into the park, something like Maxair at Cedar Point. As for Sandstorm I don't ride it much since the last time I did I got a bad headache. I guess it must be old age setting in or something. I remember when I was younger I rode spin and puke rides no problem, but didn't care for upside down rides or coasters. Now it's the opposite, I love upside down and all the coasters.
  7. Wow this expansion is really going in high gear. The coasters are looking great as is the other ride additions and infrastructure. I haven't been to this park before, only the one next to Old Town. I look forward to paying my first visit here. By the way, did you know that before they created Fun Spot they used to have a smaller funpark called Fun N Wheels? I believe it was located further up I-Drive near the Sand Lake Road intersection.
  8. The dueling actually ceased after an accident with a rider. He was struck in the eye during the ride by a foreign object and lost sight in that eye if I'm not mistaken. The park decided to stop dueling to avoid future liability problems. Sad how after so many rides since 1999 without incident that this one freak accident would stop the feature that this ride was designed to do.
  9. Went to the park today, lite crowds very nice weather. I talked to an employee about Gwazi and they didn't know anything about it's fate. She did say the drop tower plans are possibly scrapped due to the ground being unstable for such a structure, whatever that means. So there you have it, Gwazi removal a rumor at this point until someone more reliable can verify one way or the other.
  10. Neither of the IOA coasters are going anywhere, they're not even fifteen years old yet. I think B&M shelf lives are far longer than your average coaster product. As Rob said there are Arrow coasters far older still running worldwide. Don't forget the several Vekoma coasters still in operation. B&M coasters are built so well I can't see too many coming up for scrap anytime soon. As for Led Zeppelin coaster, let's hope it will find a new home before it's too late.
  11. Well it looks like things are not looking good for Gwazi, rumor has it it will be removed very soon. Screamscape reports that during a behind the scenes tour a visitor was told by the park Gwazi will be removed to make way for a speed coaster to be built around 2015/2016. The trains for Gwazi are said to be shipped to the Williamsburg park for a future wooden coaster going in there in the near future. I'm quite sad Busch never considered trying the Rocky Mountain treatment to make this ride rideable. Source: http://www.screamscape.com/html/busch_gardens_tampa.htm
  12. I'm thinking about going to Busch Gardens during Easter weekend, how busy are they typically during this time? Does Cheetah Hunt still have single rider line?
  13. These trains are definately more eye pleasing than those Morgan trains. It will be interesting to see what other coasters will get a B&M makeover.
  14. Let's hope that BGT is considering a RMC makeover. I loved the ride when it first opened, but those darn PTC's really beat the snot out of it. So much track work has been done and no improvement, give RMC a call Busch.
  15. This thing is going up rather nicely, very nice lifthill shots. I look forward to seeing the overall finished park, should be a blast.
  16. Wow what an attractive looking location for a theme park. It looks so desert like, is all of Spain so devoid of trees and vegetation? Seems like every picture I've seen has that same desolate appearance.
  17. Legoland Florida has just announced the Florida resident pass for only $99.00. It includes the same as the other pass that includes free parking, admission to the water park and discounts. Just thought you would like to know.
  18. This coaster is really looking good, shame I'll never get a chance to get to Texas to ride this. Now only if they can do this transformation to Gwazi at BGT. After all the work on that ride they can't seem to get the ride smoothed out.
  19. Kumba was my first Beemer back in 1996, such an intense ride back then and today still a beast of a ride. That was also the year I first visited Cedar Point and my coasting infatuation began.
  20. How about this unique inversion on Dragon Challenge at IOA? Starts as a type of immelman and finishes in a sharp helix. My favorite element on that ride. Photo courtesy of RCDB.com
  21. Very nice, well layed out and very creative reimagining of a great ride.
  22. Sea World Orlando was in holiday splender, they really did an awesome job on their displays. A Sea of Christmas Trees
  23. Very nice ride Tomes, as always you produce some spectacular rides and parks. Your attention to detail is some of the best I've seen in the rct3 community.
  24. One thing says it all, "It's Huge!" I like the design of that coaster train, my son is very big into trains and would love to take a ride on a coaster themed to a train. Looking good Fun Spot, 2013 is shaping up nice in Orlando.
  25. I used to like the original train from Michigan's Adventure back in the Deer Park Funland days. The ride was more scenic since they still had a lot of trees back then. But now there's not much to see scenery wise but open weed covered field and the coasters of course. I agree Busch Gardens Africa has a great train ride, my son and I enjoy it a lot.
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