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  1. 1. Leviathan my first giga coaster. 2. Manta at Sea World Orlando. 3. Cheetah Hunt my son finally got tall enough to ride.
  2. I agree there are many factors related to Gwazi's failure. Maintenance and type of trains for the type of layout had to factor as well. The defunct Boardwalk and Baseball had a great wooden coaster called Hurricane and I don't recall ever having a really rough ride on it. It too was a Florida coaster facing the same climate as the other aforementioned coasters.
  3. I haven't seen that much rattling around since my last ride on Gwazi.
  4. It's great to see Blackfish is losing its bite. It is quickly fading into obscurity as a news story. Sea World is bouncing back!
  5. Awesome news that some bands have not given in to Blackfish crap. Now lets see how many more will have the guts to ignore the propaganda.
  6. Remember tinker toys? I think I built something once as a kid that kind of reminds me of this coaster. Ah the memories!
  7. I love this model makes me want to build another one myself. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  8. My son Anthony gets bummed when he can't go on big rides too. He's seven and being groomed to be a coaster nut like his dad.
  9. You have to admit KT is one tough little kid. She is definately a coaster enthusiast like her folks.
  10. Has Falcon's Fury topped off yet? This thing is going to be awesome no doubt. As for Gwazi's replacement a giga by either Intamin or B&M would suit me just fine. I rode Leviathan last Summer and it was amazing!
  11. Looking at those smiley faces on the cars only gives me the impression that nothing good was going to come about. It's kind of like clowns where people fear what lies behind the makeup.
  12. That is one beauty of an invert. I wonder how the pretzel maneuver will compare to say a batwing like on Montu?
  13. Did you call your insurance agent to make sure your life insurance was paid up? You get the purple heart for this ride.
  14. How about ejector hair? I know that was bad fun looking coaster though.
  15. Dang that sucker is freaking tall! What a ride to the ground this thing is going to give. Now if we can get that giga coaster to replace Gwazi what a skyline that would be.
  16. Wow that date is earlier than I thought it would be. If this proves to be much better than RCT3 especially with the game play I will definately be adding this to my game collection.
  17. I wish I still had hair to just let go flying in the wind. All I can do now is cast a glare on my ride down the lifthill.
  18. Those are some generous "Bags of Crap." Robb and Elissa you put old Santa to shame. I better get posting to qualify for one of these great care packages.
  19. That's one fun looking coaster. I think one of Florida's parks could use one of these. Maybe something like this could replace Gwazi?
  20. Cheers to Sea World for this released article. I must say that was a great read and makes me smile that much more that once again the Blackfish people have egg on their faces. I see nothing but great years ahead for Sea World now that this propaganda film has been exposed for the pack of lies that it is.
  21. I think the Fishheads as I come to refer to them are now in their last gasps for attention. It's great to see Sea World stock going up and turnstiles still a spinning. Give it another week or two at best and this story will be a forgotten inconvenience.
  22. I'm so happy the Academy had the sense to pass Blackfish up for Oscar nomination. Let's hope for a quick falling off the radar for this miserable propaganda film.
  23. Awesome news! Blackfish is about to end its 15 minutes of fame YAHOO!
  24. What is with these idiot bands? They're going to let a small group of losers dictate where they decide to perform? These people need to grow a set and stick to their commitments. What a bunch of has been pansies!
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