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  1. I want to throw out an honorable mention to Busch Gardens Tampa. For the past 10 or so years they have really been doing a top notch job refreshing all the areas of their park. Currently of course is the Pantopia theme taking place with the Falcon's Fury addition. They did a great job with Cheetah Hunt and the area around it, Jungala going in where Python used to be and Stanleyville's big overhall with the addition of Sheikra in 2005. Sea World too has done a lot of updating most recently with Manta's addition and Antarctica. The waterfront looks amazing too compared to how it used to look.
  2. You folks can really dish out the crap! I have to agree with most that this web site is really the tops when it comes to your relationship with your members. I really hope one day I can meet you Robb and Elissa and other members from this board.
  3. The zero g roll on Kumba is pretty intense not to mention the speed going into the Cobra Roll.
  4. What about the inversion coming out of the tunnel of The Hulks launch? I know that feels pretty quick.
  5. Took my wife and son today to see the movie. I had a blast watching this so funny. I would have say Batman and the lead character were my favorite.
  6. Donkeys and a dragon coaster? Seems to be some ties to Shrek here too.
  7. Wow this makeover is looking fantastic. What a difference a little color can make to enhance the overall experience. Kudos to the Busch Gardens team and the hard they're putting into this. This is why I have been a pass holder for nearly 16 years because they are such a top notch theme park.
  8. I guess it's true that a dragon requires a sacrifice to save a village. But you have to jump start this one first. I know I'm really reaching now.
  9. Hello I'm back with another model to share. Now I know this is a coaster site but I wanted to share my second built from scratch model. It is a drive in theatre that was inspired by my local drive-in in Ocala, Florida. Enjoy!
  10. For the last couple years I dreamed of going to Cedar Point to finally ride Millennium Force. Now I haven't been to the park since 1997 when Magnum was still the tallest ride there. Now up until recently I never rode a giga coaster before. In the dream I find myself in line waiting for a couple hours to get on. I finally get on the ride and going up the lift hill. Just as I'm cresting the top of the hill I wake up. Every time I have this dream I wake up at the very same moment. I never get over the crest of the lifthill. Now how weird is that?
  11. Aww look... A baby Sheikra in the background A Baby Sheikra now that's funny. Definately not the tall boy in the park anymore.
  12. Look at the bright side at least it isn't sinking like Magnum XL200.
  13. Maybe they can build a good replacement coaster out of Legos. It will probably be much safer too.
  14. This game looks incredible to say the least. Kudos to the development team and all their hard work. I'm looking forward to the smoother tracks in this one. RCT3 tracks are so jerky as they have been since RCT1.
  15. That is one awe inspiring tower they have there. I can't wait to get on this thing and freefall baby.
  16. Glad to see some celebrity support tot Sea World. Congrats to Sea World for getting this event off with good crowds and supportive entertainers.
  17. Okay here's a couple more: First indoor coaster-Space Mountain at Walt Disney World In Orlando. First launch coaster-Double O at Boardwalk and Baseball. First coaster/water ride-Journey to Atlantis at Sea World Orlando.
  18. Looks like a good time was had by all. I'm so happy to see the park busy and shrugging off the recent bad publicity. That BBQ looked so good I could almost taste it.
  19. Looks pretty cool. My son is looking forward to seeing this movie. The Ocala Drive In near us is going to be showing this. Since they got their new digital projector the picture is practically high definition. We're hoping to get our annual passes soon to Legoland and I can't wait since I myself haven't been there since Cypress Gardens was there.
  20. That's pretty cool that they're expanding the experience. I live in Florida and love Kennedy Space Center so much history. These spacecenters offer a lot to the avid space nut or the general public. I've been to the space center in Huntsville Alabama as well and it too is very impressive. In fact that is where Space Camp started one of 3 centers that still has a Saturn V rocket on display._
  21. Hmm let's see: First steel coaster with corkscrews-Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure when it was still Deer Park Funland. First wooden coaster-Florida Hurricane at Boardwalk and Baseball. First steel with vertical loop-Double O at Boardwalk and Baseball. First hyper coaster-Magnum XL200 at Cedar Point. First inverted coaster-Raptor at Cedar Point. First stand up coaster-Mantis at Cedar Point. First giga coaster-Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland. First dive coaster-Sheikra at Busch Gardens Tampa. First flying coaster-Manta at Sea World Orlando. First floorless coaster-Kraken at Sea World Orlando. That's pretty much it for now.
  22. I still can't get over the height of this thing. I've never been on any Intamin drop towers before and this is really getting me stoked. What's even better it's a first of its kind with 90 degree face down seating.
  23. Okay here's one more for ya. Remember Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? This ride kinds reminds me of the scene with the mine cars and they're holding on for dear life.
  24. I like it a lot especially the updates that scroll across the upper screen. Even though I don't use twitter it's nice that the screen is there for those that do.
  25. I have only riden one Intamin so far and that's Cheetah Hunt. It is a fun ride and my seven year old loves it. However B&M coasters are the ones I have had the most experiences with. I'll lean toward B&M for now until I get a few more Intamins under my belt.
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