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  1. ^^ Increase the height of the vertical spike a bit and it'll be fine. Also how did you get an angled barrel roll?
  2. ^ Change the huge spine on the lift to some wooden beams and have an environment with the wood texture removed or make it out of turned L or H beams and it'll look way better. It also looks like your drop has a straight section in it, which I would get rid of..
  3. ^ This post is full of win. Back on track, I've never been on a togo so I have nothing to contribute.
  4. It's quite easy, a majority of the "GP" share a crazy, unreasonable logic: "I saw it on the internet, so it must be real." I read this and immediately thought of this Ahh, the Onion.
  5. In addition to what I already posted: $150 cash from grandparents New jacket that is for weather about 25* colder than it ever gets were I live Another $100 cash from my aunt
  6. Steel: Either Maverick it the back row, X2, or Goliath (SFMM) for the whip, straight down orientation and flat drop straight into the tiny tunnel respectively. Wood: Tremors, straight into and out the gift shop with a nice pop of air in the back seat.
  7. Really nice backpacking gear A week out at Catalina Chocolate Some headphones from a white elephant exchange A cookbook More chocolate Some candy Some other stocking stuffer stuff Whatever I get tomorrow when I go see my Dad's extended family.
  8. 26/26, the thing is, I actually knew all but one of them. Yes, I'm sad and pathetic with no friends, pity me.
  9. The first half of Maverick is also at only 50-55 mph, so I think this has plenty of potential to be intense.
  10. A quick question: when order tickets should I enter my account email or the email of the parent paying for the tickets?
  11. Want, Now. Now if only I could arrange to go to England next year.
  12. ^ What, to maintain a woodie worse than some parks I know of *cough*Colossus*couch* you'd have to have a guy out on the track every morning with a chainsaw or a blowtorch.
  13. I wonder how much these things cost because I'd love to have one in my back yard. Daydreaming aside it looks like a great addition, now if only someone would start a waterpark near were I live and add one of these as well as a few other slides.
  14. The whole zero g roll really bummed me out, I was looking forward to a B & M hyper not another ride.
  15. So those pics just confirmed that this drop won't have water running down it ala Pilgrim's Plunge, I think this may turn out very interesting and I'm bummed that I won't be able to go ride this for a few years.
  16. Looking at the layout it looks like this would make a decent little spinner, with all the turns it could have turned out quite nice, if rather dire capacity wise. Still looks like an enjoyable little coaster, with a pop of potential air in the back row on the first drop.
  17. ^The only thing is that at SFMM even the GP immediately rush to X2, the line for S:EFK isn't that huge at first, it's sort of a second tier ride.
  18. Haven't been following this much but it's nice to see my home park away from home get another good ride. Now if only they had found a better spot to drop Carolina Cobra instead of ripping out FSS, and had refrained from murdering Nighthawks aesthetics, then it may qualify as one of my fav parks.
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