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  1. More sexyness as usual, my only gripe would be that the red aerowing trains looked epic on the sky colored track while the blue ones are a bit meh.
  2. Trying to go snowboarding on pure slush. What's worse than being being run over by the M & M trams at SMFF.
  3. Almost all of your questions. What's worse than Dinn-Summers reforming.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the park the person who leaked the info was told to do so by park management or was actually higher up in the management chain than people thought and simply leaked the info in an attempt to build up some hype for the announcement.
  5. Just got in my order of girl scout cookies.
  6. Glad to see two shots of my incredibly unphotogenic face on Xcelerator. (First row of the second car in the second Xcelerator pic and in the black shirt in the pic of David strangling Spears.
  7. I remember hearing somewhere that they had to redesign a bit of the ride by almost a foot in some places due to g testing showing it having overly high g's, I might be misremembering or just passing on a rumor but it seems plausible due to the sheer amount of time it's been since the ride was finished.
  8. Krios Stats: -2579 ft long -125 ft tall -3 inversions (dive loop, zero g roll and heartline roll) -2 train opperation Download here
  9. That's a much better look at the trains and you can see now that the lapbars are actually molded to fit riders legs.
  10. Taking a sleeping pill at 2 in the morning to finally get some sleep for said exam and then sleeping straight through the exam. What's worse than SFNE getting an Invertigo and putting it in right behind Flashback?
  11. A whole ton of stuff but to be specific, it being scrapped. What's worse than KBF anouncing that its new for 2013 attraction will be that they're replacing Xcelerator with a brand new SLC.
  12. Thanks, this is such a blessing so I can now do a little of work on some nice touches for the ride.
  13. SFMM turning the spot where log jammer was into another pistachio park. What's worse than Cedar Point's next new coaster be a kiddie coaster that isn't made by Pax?
  14. Being assimilated by the Borg. What's worse than having your eyes gouged out with a spoon?
  15. I just have to go ahead and put in my thanks to the ever growing pile and say that you guys did a great job setting up a brilliant event. I do have to say that while SFMM was awesome it was a little underwhelming while Knott's was in my opinion not only better than SFMM but better by a few orders of magnitude because of the incredibly welcoming staff, hilarious Q & A session, and the great variety of things to do during the day besides ride coasters.
  16. ^ Oh, trust me if you were in my Geometry class you wouldn't be complaining. My teacher is what I would call, in the nicest way possible, a Nazi. If you so much as speak without being called on she will be on your case in under five seconds and have you spending a good portion of the next day serving detention. The only thing that makes it worse is that she treats us like we are a bunch of under motivated, idiot, kindergarteners who have to have their parents oversee everything they do. The two best example of this that I have on hand are that every night we have to have a parent sign our agenda and that she uses a card system to discipline use. I mean really we're in eight grade you'd think that we would have earned something more than just some cards.
  17. A few quick questions: 1. For the Knott's tours will there be anything besides tours for that time? 2. There isn't any breakfast listed on the Knott's schedule so I was wondering if there would be any provided. Thanks.
  18. Okay a little background before I start my rant. I happen to be what some people might call a math nerd in that I'm the top of my advanced math class and captain of my school math team. I'm currently in 8th grade and in 9th grade I want to take a math class online as opposed to at school. But the f**king bureaucracy of the of the school system says that everyone has to take six semesters of math, fine right. Well I know that if I start with Algebra 3-4 trig I'll be completely done with calculus after at most 3 semesters and most likely be done with differential equations and linear algebra by the end of my fifth semester. This isn't the real reason that I'm pissed off at the system but it's because they don't give a s**t what math you take in those six semesters. In other words I could work through every single college level math class available to me in five semesters and not a f**king thing to do in the last one while some dumba$$ could repeat pre-algebra over and over again and still meet the requirements, it's a goddamned f**king joke. In other words they don't see students as people but as data points that they have to get to meet certain criteria. My new life outlook is that school should be seen as something of a prison sentence, except one that everyone serves and the only escapees tend to be of a certain demographic that is commonly associated with drugs, gang wars and real prison sentences later in life.
  19. ^ I agree with this totally, I've ridden Intimidator over 150 times and it seems that maybe one out of every 3-5 is just amazing with some great airtime with the best ones being as soon as the park opens in October and sometimes September if it's cold enough.
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