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  1. A kind of cool shot of the train entering one of the inversions. P.S. Thanks coasterfreak101 for the idea on scaling the ride, it worked pretty good besides some added lats from the heartline being a little off.
  2. ^ I know, but it was a really cool layout that just ran out of speed with another 150 feet of length missing to meet the minimum requirements.
  3. Well I just wasted almost a week on a design that went nowhere because it wasn't long enough.
  4. Personally my top 3 coasters are all under 150 feet, with the top two being only 100 and 105 feet tall, I don't think that height matters nearly as much as what is done with that height, if you pull a MF with it then I would prefer something a third that size like Maverick or if its like I305 then I still think that something better could have been done with all that height, see SD2K (I haven't ridden it but it does so much more), rather than say Olympia Looping, which uses every foot of height it has with none wasted.
  5. I could imagine something with a theme of say a plague sweeping through the park and it starts in Log Jammer spot using the old station facade it could start out really peaceful and then have the plague 'come' and you have to escape it thus leading to a flight through the trees and possibly over the side of the mountain. The plague could be replaced by some other sort of other apocalyptic evil.
  6. ^ That or it could be like Sir C said a few pages back with the ride opening on the supposed end of the world day, which would merit work starting now.
  7. For sure SFMM (Season pass + WBC) Knott's (WBC) Disneyland, with possibility of California Adventure, (school trip) Reasonably high possibility Silverwood Carrowinds SFOG SFDK SCBB Belmont Seaworld Wild Waves Highly unlikely but still possible BGW KD Dollywood
  8. ^ Personally I think that you're totally wrong, yes I305 is a good layout but do you see a plot of land large enough to build something with that sort of twister layout at either SFMM or KBF because I don't. And I could maybe see space for a Leviathan type giga at SFMM but still can't see it happening due to both the sheer cost and the impracticality of the way it would have to be placed. Since I haven't ridden I305 yet I can't comment on it but if the giga is anything like MF I think it'll just be a world class first drop with a middle of the road rest of the ride. I don't really see why the west coast needs a giga when there are things that provide a better ride experience for less money, less space, and more importantly better marketing possibility e.g. an intamin blitz like iSpeed or Maverick would have more potential not to mention more left over cash for things like general park improvements and theming.
  9. Trust me from a marketing standpoint SFMM wouldn't be doing that much by adding a giga because they already have a ride with a drop of 255 feet and they frankly are in a much more dire need of a halfway decent launch coaster than anything else, Knott's on the otherhand doesn't have any sort of really tall ride with a conventional lift and the marketing potential is enormous.
  10. Another question, is there a requirement as to the number of cars per train the ride needs?
  11. People who accept no limitations have yet to meet Chuck Norris.
  12. ^ So I'm correct in interpreting this as meaning that I can't use elementary or AHG to help make the track and use the Construction Kit to flange and tweak the track?
  13. X opened in January due to problems that prevented it from opening the previous year and Goliath I imagine was opened early so that it could be the fastest coaster in the world for a little while before Millenium Force took the title for a few months. I think that if they put a post apocalyptic ride in where Deja Vu was they could retheme that corner of the park and it would be a really great marketing move to open a end of the world themed ride or area on the supposed day on which the world will end.
  14. ^ I totally agree with this, KBF has three launched coasters and while SFMM has only 1, which never was a very strong launch at all.
  15. 20/20, I scare my self sometimes and this is one of those times, of course two of those were random guesses but still.
  16. I could really easily see the park getting something halfway between Wicked and Verbolten in Log Jammer's spot. It could have terrain stuff as well as an indoor section where Flashback used to be and part of it potentially going over the plaza in front of Superman and having some interaction with Goldrusher on that side.
  17. This ride really reminds me of Terminator, except that it doesn't die after the station fly through like terminator does.
  18. Steel Dragon 2000, only Morgan giga ever built, only giga with a 'traditional' out and back layout (Leviathan is too short to count).
  19. When you speed up when driving on a bumpy road during to try and get some airtime.
  20. My favorite number is thirteen (yes it's just to spite superstitious people) and I felt like picking a memorable thing to go before it.
  21. ^ I think that's what SDC's woodie next year is supposed to be, a custom made, all topper track woodie.
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