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  1. Whoa, there I thought this was a family site, there's too much sexyness in that last set of pictures to be classed as anything but porn.
  2. Stupid question: Is park entrance included in the event price or do I also need to buy a ticket as well?
  3. Any S & S shot, drop, turbo drop or combo tower or screamin' swing, hands down, end of story.
  4. Looking at that element I think that the age of forceless B & M's may just have ended.
  5. Maybe it'll have a 113* 'Fahrenheit' drop, which would be like 45* 'Celsius', e.g. it has a 113* drop but to get us talking they spread rumors of a 45* drop.
  6. Yay! I just did a little tweaking of my schedule and found time so I can come!
  7. Is it just me or does that overbank look like it'll be incredibly forceful as well as very overbanked?
  8. There's not really much in theming that relates to Yggdrasil. No, a few pages back there was a large sign that said Yggdrasil as well as some of the theming elements they showed on the last page looked tree like, it just all pointed in the same direction.
  9. With all the theming I thought this was going to be named Yggdrasil, which personally I think would be a much better name.
  10. Technically I think that a hyper is supposed to have no inversions in addition to having a lift hill or drop of over 200' but I may be wrong.
  11. They have to be overhead lap-bars for the outer seats at least, seeing as there isn't any floor to attach a standard one to in front of them.
  12. ^ The last coaster on there is the Diana Beach Hurricane, someone call and buy it.
  13. Maybe they meant deja vu, it is called Golaith now. I was standing in the line for Goliath so I assumed they were talking about it, anyways Deja Vu was having the first pieces of its track removed at that time so I highly doubt it.
  14. I was at SFMM on Saturday and heard some kids talking about how Goliath had 3 loops.
  15. SFMM 2x SFDK 1x Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 1x Disneyland and California Adventure 1x Will probably go to SFMM at least one if not 2 more times.
  16. SFMM, Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, and Universal Studios.
  17. ^^ I think that the launch coaster will most likely be themed to the Flash if it opens in 2013, seeing as there is a movie about the Flash coming out then, which would both create hype for the ride and for the movie, sort of like they did with the Green Lantern.
  18. LOL, I just noticed that. Also I imagine that that airtime hill will be nothing short of excruciating.
  19. My preference is Nolimits and that is what I planned to build it in, so I'll probably dump it in favor for something else knowing the 3d work would be massive.
  20. I'm thinking of a B & M invert with a layout inspired by the new one at Parc Asterix that weaves in and out of a huge number of concrete tunnels, the entire post-MCBR layout will be almost entirely covered with only a few open spaces.
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