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  1. Just got back from the park and a few highlights: -Full Throttle was good, got the last train of the night, definitely one of my top 3 in the park -Goliath was running a little slow today -Tiny crowds, Tatsu was only 20-25 minutes by around 12:30 -Right side of Superman was closed -The right side of Lex Luthor was braking a bit weirdly, a lot more abruptly than the left -Train 1 on Apocalypse was quite rough -Riddler running two trains with only moderate stacking -New seat belts on Golath were fine but caused some very slight stacking with two trains, three would be pointless -Full Throttle's seat belts ruin the capacity, it had a consistent line to the canopy all day -Tried Green Lantern again and almost got castrated -JB's Smokehouse was using ridiculous 5 oz. cups for water, barely a single mouthfull
  2. I bought myself a couple of fast memory cards for my camera from amazon as well as a hard case for them in anticipation doing some shooting during my upcoming track season but that was about it.
  3. I love parks that have a continuous theme through out (BGW) and Vikings is a brilliant starting point as Norse mythology is so plentiful and diverse. I hope this makes it off the ground.
  4. This keeps on amazing me with how it's actually being constructed with such a tiny amount of room for the construction equipment.
  5. ^^ It would be totally SFMM to rip out sky tower and replace it with a 526 foot tall Polercoaster just to snag the world record, maybe the length record as well, except for the price.
  6. I kind of wish the grey was a little darker but it still looks much better than the old paint scheme.
  7. I love how Jim Seay of Premier was basically burning SFMM in his thing about terrain coasters. And Alan Shilke "Nobody's asked me anything crazier than I've proposed"; best quote ever.
  8. I think it will be more complex but the new building system using spline curves instead of bezier curves will make it much easier to produce smooth trackwork. The independence of the banking and position nodes will probably be rather confusing at first though.
  9. ^^ I actually think that it's quite reasonable, but only because it is designed in house. That $10 million is purely the mechanical aspects, the track trains and so on, none of the money is going towards layout design (the layout was designed by a Lagoon employee so no extra cost there ) or contractors (they take a significant slice of the cost). Seeing as Bombora was fully in house and Lagoon's layout was done in house I suspect this will be quite good.
  10. This makes me really happy that they're doing this sort of thing and actually expending effort towards restoring the quirky little things that really add to the parks charm.
  11. ^ Key Club South Fall Rally is the 9th, probably one of the busiest days of the year aside from the final Saturday of Fright Fest.
  12. If you still have your registration key and original order info then you can email the dev team for a download link, or you can wait a month or two for NL2.
  13. It was an interesting read, but I went back and reread the second half and that was when I really started to get it and enjoy it.
  14. ^ There's a copy-and-paste feature for supports so making an awesome custom structure shouldn't be too hard.
  15. I just finished reading a collection of Camus, The Stranger, The Fall, and The Plague, I really enjoyed them all. Just started reading The Gulag Archipelago and am reading Catcher in the Rye for school .
  16. ^ I definitely miss Batman when it had all the fog, blue lights, music and strobes, definitely one of my favorite ride experiences at night after a long hot day of Fright Fest.
  17. Definitely agree about Hypersonic, but I'd also add Zonga, not because the ride itself failed but because Six Flags and the sue-happy US culture killed it, and Psyclone only lasted 15 years and went to hell really quickly, albeit that may have been largely the fault of SFMM, as well as SFGAdv's Viper.
  18. I'm glad it's a waterpark addition, I've gone a fair number of days in the summer and never seen a line longer than 15 minutes on anything but Nighthawk and the water rides because literally everyone was in the waterpark.
  19. The front row is the only place to ride if you want it to be a halfway decent ride.
  20. Voyage only cost $8.5 million and it is over 2000 feet longer and not all that much shorter with still decent capacity and plays just as well with the GP. Granted it does need a fair amount of track upkeep but doesn't have the reliability issues that Intamins entail.
  21. I've had consistently good experience with Mooseburger but personally prefer JD's Smokehouse because it's a bit faster and more convenient for lunch, it has some pretty good barbecue sandwiches and decent kettle chips. I'm still hoping that the park will finally add a full service Panda Express somewhere.
  22. ^That isn't possible, the highest speed an object could reach on a 180' drop (assuming no initial speed and no drag/friction) is about 73 mph.
  23. Whoop-di-f*cking-do. So apparently my school has me enrolled in AP Calc BC for this year instead of a dual enrollment city college calc, because I'm going to be a sophomore and juniors and seniors have priority enrollment, despite the fact that I aced the assessment test required to get into the dual enrollment class and I know some juniors who got in but barely passed the test. Really annoying as the AP Calc BC test is only accepted at some universities and even then does not waive the entire first series calculus that is a pre-req for a lot of engineering and higher level physics courses, only the first semester or two quarters even if you ace the test. The dual enrollment calc is a easier to apply as transfer credit and should hopefully be accepted by the majority of universities. The blatant age discrimination in the school system just pisses me off in ways I can barely describe.
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