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  1. I wonder if those are for the new coaster Adventure City was supposedly going to replace Tree Top Racers with, sounds like they're in the right vicinity.
  2. The whole thing with Scream is pretty awful, I seem to remember it having not run more than one train for months. It was running one train when I went in the end of March and when I went in December. Well, at least it's better than nothing (or is it really).
  3. ^ Cobalt isn't blue either, and cadmium isn't yellow, the colors are usually derived from oxides of their respective elements.
  4. Lightning - Kuwait Entertainment City If this is right someone else can go.
  5. Nice report, I really love the second and last pics, the last one really shows how complete and good looking a skyline SFDK has for a mid-sized park.
  6. I also imagine that since there isn't any state regulatory agency that also has to take part in the investigation it will go faster as SF has a big stake in getting the ride back up quickly.
  7. While the MCBR does kill the pacing it makes rides in the left side towards the front pretty fun from the lateral hangtime while the helix is still really forceful.
  8. HH needs a new slide complex and the dry side needs another water ride to help in the summer.
  9. It sounds like you have shorter legs but a longer torso, as I'm 6'3" ish and have no problem with Intamin OSTRs, your biggest problem will probably be legroom on woodies running PTCs and Arrows. Shoulders might be an issue on stand-ups (I know someone who's 6'5" that barely squeezes in with a bit of a slouch) and most other coasters with OSTRs, just be prepared to slouch a little to fit and maybe pretzel your legs.
  10. I'll chime in as another voice who hates water rides with locking restraints, I rode Pilgrim's Plunge and the original Perilous Plunge but they both made me nervous, Pilgrim's less so due to the looseness of the restraint I managed to get away with. Both remind me too much of when I was younger and flipped myself over in a tube on a lazy river and was stuck because the water was too shallow for me to wriggle out of it and I had to try and flip it back over before I ran out of breath. On another note this sounds like a really serious ride system failure seeing as both the lift chain and the anti-rollbacks had to fail for it to go back down the lift hill
  11. I'm pretty sure that they have confirmed on the forums over on NLE that the transfer sections will be scriptable for a full range of motion as well as freefall, I'm not so sure about rolling though.
  12. I personally count them as two unless they are möbius and then each side is only half a credit.
  13. It's that he has a history of stealing rides and calling them his own, as with the FoF recreation and one of Jakizle's coasters over on another forum.
  14. 3 things: -On other forums you have stolen tracks from other users and claimed them as your -If A113 wanted to put it up for download here he would himself, he already had a thread here, and I highly doubt you have his permission -The FoF recreation you uploaded to the exchange I believe to belong to Phyter from the NL dev team
  15. ^ The two closest I can think of are Powder Keg and Phantom's Revenge, both of which were unsuccessful at first and got reworked by a different manufacturer later in life.
  16. ^ That sounds so awesome. That baby dissection was also really bizarre and cool, kind of makes me want to become a surgeon, until I rememeber the number of years of med school and residency it entails.
  17. If you actually mean January 12th not July 12th then you should be absolutely fine with no flash pass unless there is a special event that day (I doubt it, most are on Saturdays). A good plan of attack is arrive before opening and when the gates open head straight to X2 or Tatsu, if you're going to Tatsu use Revolution's exit path as it cuts a significant detour out, if you go to X2 follow it up with Tatsu. After that proceed around the park clockwise, you should have plenty of time for re-rides. You might also want to take some extra rides on Tatsu, Apocalypse and Riddler's Revenge early as they may be running one train. Besides that there isn't much to worry about, the longest line should be around 45-60 minutes if everything has 2+ trains, if not expect up to 90 on those rides. EDIT: I'm not sure but you may want to head over to Full Throttle early but as it just opened I don't know how the line for it will be in the heart of the off season.
  18. This sort of competition might even increase HW attendance in the long run as it would drive them to install rides at a higher rate to be competitive.
  19. You could always call him or ask him on his FB account as himself.
  20. Damn, the word filter strikes again. If you click on the learn more link on SFMMs website you'll find it.
  21. Just got the latest of their newsletters and they now have a website for YOLOcoaster. I guess they were just a little behind schedule with the promotional website that was supposed to accompany the ride announcement.
  22. If they do this I hope they have an "opt out" option. I trust SF's mechanics but I don't trust their data security to safeguard my fingerprints, retina scan, urine test, etc. I have never had a problem with my SF season pass, biometric surveillance technology is not needed. The photo is sufficient security to keep the pass from being overused. There are a lot of other things they could spend money on to improve their parks instead of this such as a roof over the station of their new coaster. Call me paranoid, but I don't really want my biometric data anywhere it doesn't have to be (driver's licence, passport etc.), I just have trust issues with large corporations, not that the last week has helped make me less so, but I think they need to have an opt out for those of us that are a little on the cautious side (I'm sure it's a fair percentage).
  23. I bet that it's just more track for Heide, the piece in the back looks like the top of a zero g or a corkscrew on a wingrider or floorless.
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