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  1. ^ Agreed, I usually wake up with the sun but I need to be awake by 7 am to get to school so I have to use my alarm clock again.
  2. I'd recommend changing the title to something like "If you could change the past..." instead of "If I had a time machine..." mainly because most of the things you said were changing history instead of experiencing something from the past. EDIT: I figured that I should add what I'd do. -Ride some classic woodies like the Traver Cyclones, Texas Cyclone, Coney Tornado, etc. -Watch Roger Bannister run the first sub 4 minute mile -Some other stuff I can't think of right now
  3. ^ If it was for the main brakes then it wouldn't be the kind that can be lowered, it would be fixed in position like on Mystery Mine. Those track pieces have a bunch of little connectors coming off of them so I think they may be destined for the top of the first lift (the one that is rumored to be a launch) for trimming purposes.
  4. Judging by the progress they made this week I'd guess that we should be seeing construction of the loop/"top hat" by the beginning of daily operations in two weeks. On a side note, does anyone know what the crowds will be like the Sunday of opening weekend (the 24th)?
  5. The way that the supports are worked to fit onto the old footers is really neat.
  6. Lunch today because my school's food is so horrible that the best remedy is hot sauce. When was the last time you accidentally injured yourself?
  7. Some of my personal faves: SFDK - Great combo of colors and shapes CP - The sheer enormity of it all is epic BGW - Just lone Apollo with a possibility of Griffon Hershey - Just a great combo of all the rides and colors SFMM is one I really dislike because all the coasters seem to be in clashing colors, just ruining the effect, albeit X2 and Viper look awesome towering over the parking lot entrance.
  8. It's awesome that the layout is compact and close to the major path ways. That combined with the variety of inversions should make for tons of epic photos.
  9. Coaster - Playland for wood and Loch Ness Monster by a significant margin for both. EDIT: Wow I'm stupid, Magnum was 1989, thanks
  10. I personally enjoy both although they aren't great. Revolution should always be ridden in the front row because you can anticipate the turns and it's just smoother in general. Viper should just be ridden in the front row of a car no matter what, besides that its not really that important where you sit.
  11. The issue is that he is calling it his coaster project rather than saying that he was theming a CT someone else made. The implication was that he had made the Boomerang CT when he hadn't and he also didn't give credit to the creator to clarify.
  12. Also, for future reference, don't post links to other sites to download your work, use the TPR game exchange since it is just easier to use and comment on. I'd also recommend accompanying the release with some extra screen shots and video for those who can't download the track but still want to see your work.
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