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  1. I think that a big part of the reason that the family friendly angle didn't work is simply because the demographic attracted by the Xtreme Coaster Park marketing (the YOLO crowd) really gives the whole park a really sleazy feel, no matter how clean it is and how good the operations are. I really noticed that the family appeal of a park isn't just the rides but also the visitors, a bunch of the feel is the other guests, if you filled Holiday World with a bunch of the YOLO crowd it wouldn't be the same, it would feel just as sketchy as some of the worse parks here in the US. I think that as of now SFMM has let their main demographic shift too far towards the YOLO crowd to shift to being a more family oriented and classier park in anything less that a decade or more. Random rambling philosophy from me.
  2. That is one of the park related commercials I've seen, really great feel to it.
  3. I'm pretty sure that that is GASM, the support in the back has to be one of the supports for the first loop, something that you wouldn't be able to see on Viper. Also, Viper's lift supports would be directly behind the loops.
  4. I'm pretty sure that it's actually pretty cheap (maybe $3-4 million) and the real limiter on sales is the dire capacity.
  5. ^ No, Grizzly was pretty awesome at ECB last year, not buttery but still pretty smooth with some good forces.
  6. The two biggest problems I see are that the colors were really unsaturated at times, especially when the sky was in view (like going up the lift), and that the camera seemed to be recording at a few frames per second below what it should have, making the video a little choppy in parts.
  7. Yes, for about 15 minutes until I start regretting it and feel like crap and then force myself to go run it off. Do you think SFMMs BIG announcement this week will be about YOLOcoaster?
  8. Went to the park on Saturday with a friend and got some rides in with a few interesting points. Colossus is still pretty smooth (even on the wheel seats) except one short stretch of the double up and two halfway decent shots of airtime (in the back cars) on the first drop and drop before the MCBR and a good one going into the first hill and the MCBR in the front. Rode GL for the first time with the new shields, had my crotch and shoulders crushed. Had a pretty decent ride on Viper with a little bit of bracing with my shoulders, no longer just the occasional courtesy ride anymore. Left side of Superman was having some technical difficulties and operated on and off all day, I rode on the first cycle after one of the problems and the restraints in the front row weren't releasing smoothly (a possible cause?). The right side was running a really fast launch and getting really close to the magnets at the top of the tower almost every time. The indoor corridor in Batman's queue is getting really rank and musty, definitely needs some air circulation and cleaning. Tatsu had the usual operations with 2 trains, one station, and consistent 2+ minute stacking on the brake run. Lex was still running well and they have managed to keep the operations up with consistently speedy dispatches and efficient use of the single rider line.
  9. Keep in mind that the current version is only beta and a new revision (with improved user interface and new features) should be released soon. Also, the roll rate just takes a little getting used to to get it back to zero but it really opens up opportunities for new elements.
  10. I don't get why having 3 people per car in a 4 person spinner is bad since it makes the ride tend to be more aggressive in the spinning. It only makes sense if its a large park and the ride pulls a huge line.
  11. I'm fine with smoking areas so long as they are clearly marked and aren't located near stuff I need to use (drinking fountains, bathrooms etc.), this is the case with a few at SFMM and I really hate it that I have to suffer just to get a drink and I'm unlikely to inadvertently wander through one.
  12. If you look at the track, as soon as it switches back to circular spine it starts using the old ties again but it uses the new style on the three ties surrounding support connectors in order to facilitate diagonal braces between the ties that are used on both track styles to distribute the stress loading.
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