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  1. The park is definitely a two-day park at the least. One day for HW and one day for Splasin' Safari. That's a bit excessive, I managed to finish all of the dry side in under 4 hours when I went last summer (a Wednesday in early August) without arriving at opening and still got numerous rerides on the coasters and liberty launch and still rode a few flats, the rapids and Pilgrim's Plunge. The longest wait was about 15 minutes for PP and about 6 trains for the front seat on Voyage. That said I didn't have time to spend at Splashin' Safari but it looked quite crowded.
  2. Viper isn't going anywhere, they have tons of spare parts from Shockwave and GASM to keep it going and it may rarely have a line but that's only because it can really push a ton of people through even with sub-par ops.
  3. Gravity Max looks great, probably gives a good idea how frightening Falcon's Fury will be next year. It really is a shame that Vekoma's business in larger rides started falling off right as they started to produce good concepts.
  4. That top hat looks like it will be epic, great airtime and also some good rotation, I'm a bit bummed that the airtime hill isn't taken a little faster but the rest of the ride looks really quick and forceful.
  5. I'm glad they decided to drop the "Reborn" part from the name, it sounded like a crappy movie sequel that went straight to DVD.
  6. I am the youngest of four and the only to die, one of my brothers marked himself forever in infamy, my closest in age still remains at his first home. What am I?
  7. I really like the layout, the lift looks like a nice play on the one used on Divertical and I like the way the ride starts with inversions on the outbound journey and finishes with airtime on the way back, overall an effective use of space. Also the trains look cool and bizarre in a really good way. My real issue is with the whole "Thunderbolt Reborn" marketing. It doesn't occupy the same space, have the same layout, it's not even wooden or remotely similar, I feel like it could be just as effectively marketed with a just the Thunderbolt name or by using branding it as a remake of one of the original looping coasters at Coney, like Flip-Flap Railway or Loop the Loop.
  8. I don't understand how having the land open for groundwork since the end of 2011 and not starting till late 2012 is biting off more than they could chew, I would understand if there was some sort of mishap involving track and train fabrication at Premier that cause the coaster to be delayed. It was also apparent that they could have started significant work on the infrastructure improvements earlier, as in before May, but didn't, in the same way that they could have been drilling footers in November instead of the middle of December.
  9. It's nice that they managed to boost the capacity a little (no more seatbelts and an extra 4 seats per train) but I really wish that they would try to make the Timberliners look a little better than that ugly, glossy plastic that will inevitably look like crap in a few years.
  10. AyTrane's Millennium Force, Real's TTD, A113's California Screamin' if it got finished.
  11. Also remember that the launch actually extends up the loop at least 20 feet and the track starts around 10 feet above the ground so it should be fine, and if it does crawl then it should have some nice hang-time.
  12. ^ I'm pretty sure there isn't a Chick-fil-A at SFMM. As for food, Mooseburger is good, as is JBs Smoke House, besides that everything else is pretty bad. I would recommend the Panda Express but it only serves pre-made meals that aren't too bad.
  13. In regards to the facial recognition stuff I think it would be cool to have the onride pics altered to have that creepy smile, but when you buy it also get an unaltered version.
  14. I love the picture on the launch, those facial expressions are classic. We do and it's called Cheetah Hunt.
  15. I don't usually like the industrial look of trains but on YOLOcoaster they seem to fit with the whole sleek and modern look of the ride, monochrome colors, brushed metal and exposed components look sort of right. I definitely like the look.
  16. Really spectacular photography, especially the night ones and the closeups of the trains going through the rolls. Really, the beauty of some of those shots just broke the the internet.
  17. Does Kvasten have such a sudden stop going into the brake run? I love the foot choppers the supports provide on the little figure eight, not to mention LAP BARS!
  18. Fabbri Hard Rock (I think it was also called the whirling dervish in RCT3) for sure. I really wish that a park would put one in or they would start making them again. The experience truly is something else, really disorienting and if you find one with a good cycle there's some great WTFAMIDOING moments when it drops back down towards the floor and it seems like it'll scrape your head off.
  19. Trying to recreate Thriller in the US with modern safety standards is akin to trying to paint the Mona Lisa with finger paints while in a straight jacket, it just can't happen.
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