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  1. Netsky is one of my favorite artists currently
  2. numberninetyone Warning: Homestuck, doctor who and other random stuff is all over this thing
  3. Minecraft + Technic pack has practically absorbed my life over the past few weeks.
  4. Not sure what you mean by Nuzlocke? I'm playing Pokemon Diamond right now. I restarted my brother's game on Sunday and I've already have about 30 hours of play time. Only have beaten the third gym but pretty soon I should be ready to face the 4th. I'm taking my time on the game to figure out my core team and train all of them equally, do all of the side-tasks, and fill up my Pokedex as I go. Basically, It's a challenge where you can only catch the first Pokemon you see on a route and if a Pokemon faints, it's considered dead and you can never use it again.
  5. I'm finishing up my Nuzlocke of Pokemon Pearl right now. I should be done tomorrow. Either failed or victorious.
  6. Not really. We were at King's Island. It was overcast the entire day. While in line for Diamondback, the ride closed due to severe weather. The funny part is that it wasn't raining and didn't rain for an hour and a half. Also, every other ride ran for another half hour. Are you listening to music?
  7. Mine is Bob Jimbob, a side character in the comic Get Fuzzy.
  8. Okay... I have RCT2 and legally bought it. I have it installed on my computer entirely. Quite recently, I realized that I could not find the disk. Does anybody know where I could find a reliable No CD patch that doesn't need WinRAR to open? Thanks in advance! I want to get back to parks, but without the disk, I'm a bit lost!
  9. Could you do Octogon Park? I'm playing through it in LL right now and would like to try it in RCT2.
  10. I think that this system is great if you don't get there often, but if you're a regular, it's not really as valuable and it does make lines longer. I think getting back on the enxt train is a bit much, as that could really screw lines if there are a lot of people with Fast Lane passes. So, yes, it's a great invention, but there has to be regulation.
  11. I have to say as a native, German Village is the only appealing part of Columbus. For the most part it's just "eh." It's nice to hear you had a nice time, though.
  12. ^This. Even though it's the most straight forward of th games, it still has a good storyline and has a good post-game. EDIT: Sorry about the lack of Es earlier. My E key had a staple under it.
  13. Missed it by a month, but Edd Gould from Eddsworld died of cancer on the 27th of March. He's not necessarily a celebrity but he's pretty famous on YouTube.
  14. I'm pretty sure my worst actually resulted from riding Son of Beast. Other than that, I messed up my foot once in karate by accidentally kicking someone's kneecap. They were fine, but my foot hurt like hell.
  15. I'm reading Timeline by Michael Crichton. I've now read nearly all of his books. I'm a bit obsessive about it.
  16. The Beast has the most intense helix of any ride I've been on, even when trimmed. Worst: SOB. After literally beating you viciously, the best ending they could think of was a few meandering hills? Seriously?
  17. Yeah, and then more because someone passed out in line while waiting (Mantis @ CP) Have you ever been stuck on a lift hill?
  18. Having someone else hack into them while you forget. What's worse than 100 degree weather with no air conditioning?
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