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  1. It's a good game, but it's too easy IMO. Definitely pick it up though, it's a very good game.
  2. Although your point is valid, keep in mind that the Beast is much, much older than Voyage or Boulder Dash. It's definately gotten worse over the years, but it's been around for a while, which is a disadvantage for it. Age has nothing to do with it. I have ridden some very good old coasters. Its just that Beast was never designed to do more than be a really fast ride through the woods. It doesnt take full advantage of the hills by actually having hills. It just goes...straight...a lot. Which is fun, at night under a full supermoon in the fog. But just about any other time, its just fun. Its nothing Ill drive 3hrs for. Diamondback though, yes I will. And I have. Beast is like the wooden version of Millennium Force. Its good for one thing mainly - speed. It does it well. But thats about it. Not a bad ride, just not crazy either. I will say that this year it was riding about as smooth as a traditional wooden coaster gets. The work done to the track was marvelous. It tracks superb! Very tight to the rails which happened to be very smooth as well. What I meant was that ther is a large technology gap between the rides. TGG had a lot more to work with on the Voyage than the Beast had. I'm just saying that the comparison isn't that great.
  3. SOB is beyond hope, even from the start. It had a bad layout and was always rough. As people before me have stated, it had many structural flaws. These flaws are not due to RCCA, but rather Paramount. RCCA's original model had sufficient supports and was fine, but it was expensive. Paramount cut some supports out from the Rose bowl, and RCCA complied. Later, the heavy trains caused the sub-standard supports to fail, which caused a small crack in the track in the Rose Bowl. When the train went over it, it jolted severely and injured all the passengers. That's why the ride was closed the first time. The park, rather than changing the supports, opted for lighter trains. These trains, however, could not transverse the loop. The loop was removed then. The ride re-opened in 2006. Not much happenned between then and 2009. I had the chance (or misfortune) of riding it in early 2009. I was in a world of pain. I literally had the wind knocked out of me and could barely walk when I got off. Just weeks afterwards, a woman rode the ride and claims she had a hemmorage. What's weird is that she didn't mention this to the park for over a month. The ride was immediately closed and has been SBNO since. Since the 2006 overhaul, the supporting has not been an issue (as far as I know). Standing SBNO for 3+ years can't be helping the structure, though. The possibility of it re-openning may have been shot by being SBNO. I have a feeling SOB is going to be removed in the near future, and there's not much we can do about it.
  4. I had an argument with someone the other day. He was sure that 300+ people died on rollercoasters annually. When I pulled up 3+ sources that said otherwise, he said, "Why are you so hung up on this?".
  5. ^This FTW. It just doesnt do anything. It goes quickly through the woods. What makes me sad is looking at rides like Voyage, Boulder Dash and what they did with the terrain and I look at the MASSIVE area that Beast takes up and imagine "What if?". Then I get sad. lol. Although your point is valid, keep in mind that the Beast is much, much older than Voyage or Boulder Dash. It's definately gotten worse over the years, but it's been around for a while, which is a disadvantage for it.
  6. I'm doing a Nuzlocke of Pearl. I'm at the eighth gym. My Pokemon are: Bastiodon/Creos -Stealth Rock -Metal Sound -Ancientpower -Flash Cannon Empoleon/Watercolor -Surf -Metal Claw -Peck -Blizzard Luxray/Electra -Leer -Charge -Crunch -Spark Staraptor/Byrd -Quick Attack -Fly -Close Combat -Ariel Ace Gastrodon/Soma -Rain Dance -Hidden Power (Fighting) -Mud Bomb -Muddy Water And an HM slave.
  7. Saw BMG in Chicago last summer. I honestly thought that the finally was quite funny and awesome! Did this show have the "modern plumbing" section? That was hilarious, IMO.
  8. ^I only can think of one way, that being Rct2 modified, but that may not be what you want.
  9. I have found that Okkervil River has the most meaningful lyrics, like, ever.
  10. My favorite lyrics currently: A King and a Queen - Okkervil River "If you want to see and be seen, then be seen. Your dress is dark red and your opening eyes are bright green. Make a scene, but don't lie on the bed, laid out like you're dead, because honey, you're murdering me. Be a little sheep learning who'll shear and who'll feed. The hands come and they leave. Be hands holding a knife. Be a being on two feet, with his heart trembling, butchering for a king he believes in though he's never seen. Be the princess in that stone tower, crying for that handsome butcher's plight (and, as some princess might, she still calls him a knight.) But the best thing for you would be queen, so be queen. You're all that I need. Though I know that it never can be, I'd be pleased to post your decrees, to fall at your knees, to name all your streets and to sit down and weep when you're carried back through them and set down to sleep, and to lie by your side for sublime centuries (until we crumble to dust when we're crushed by a single sunbeam)."
  11. Westfall - Okkerville River One of the darkest songs that I've ever heard.
  12. Yes. Have you been to a theme park in the winter?
  13. According to the theory of relativity, Chuck Norris can roundhouse kick you yesterday.
  14. Good album. I'm sort of going into a soft phase, I'm listening to indie rock. Specifically: Lost Coastlines by Okkerville River.
  15. That's where I would turn it around or write it up sarcastically..."Roller coasters should not be ridden by young kids between the ages of 8 and 16. Instead, they should ride things that they are more likely to have an accident with..." Or, "Kids between the ages of 8 and 16 should not ride roller coasters. Rather, kids 7 and under should..."
  16. Good choice. Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) - The Prodigy
  17. Looks great, Coupon. Genius idea for the Musik Express. Love it .
  18. ...A rat of unusual size ate all of the sandwiches, which meant that...
  19. /\ I have a friend that is trying to convince me to become a bronie . I am resisting.
  20. As of last night, I have played my Pokemon Black for more than 200 hours.
  21. Nope, I listened to Gandhi Mate, Gandhi by Enter Shikari for about a day on repeat on Youtube before it was available on iTunes. It has an AMAZING drop that's just so addicting . Really? That happens to be the one song by them that I can't even listen to all the way because of the screaming and lack of flow. ...Meltdown is good, and so are Stalemate and Constelations.
  22. I was thinking about making a park themed to Nightwish's (My new favorite band!) new album, Imaginaerum. It wouldn't be too big, mabye 100X100 at most. What do people think? Track Listing: 1. Taiklatalvi 2. Storytime 3. Ghost River 4. Slow, Love, Slow 5. I Want My Tears Back 6. Scaretale 7. Arabesque 8. Turn Loose the Mermaids 9. Rest Calm 10. The Crow, The Owl and the Dove 11. Last Ride of the Day 12. Song of Myself 13. Imaginaerum Sorry, couldn't figure out the list tags.
  23. Well, if you're running Vista, hit the "compatability files" button, that will take you to a different RCT2 folder that has your parks, CS, Scenarios and Screenshots.
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