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  1. Having that cause the principal of your school to trip, fall, get rolled up in toilet paper, and end up in your locker. Can anyone guess what show that came from ? What's worse than being shrunk and released into the wild by a total psychopathical killer?
  2. I just read Micro by Michael Crichton (RIP ), so I now dislike birds, beetles, ants, wasps and centipedes. Especially centipedes.
  3. The Vulture - Pendulum The lyrics make me wonder what Rob Swyre is smoking when song-writing.
  4. There are so many things wrong with this, but at about 1/30 of the average price, this is extremely cheap and surprisingly viable to the lower (and maybe middle) class.
  5. Well, now that it's here, here's mine: Brian: What have the Romans ever done for us?! Person: Umm, well... The aqueduct. Brian: Besides that, what have the Romans ever done for us?! Person: Public sanitation? Other Person: The Roads? Person: National Security? Brian: Well, besides that... Right up there with the french guards.
  6. Well, I have a pretty good looper called For Real, comment on my wall and I can help you with the Immemalen loop.
  7. Nice! I have a pretty good drawing in my math notebook, I may upload it sometime .
  8. Well, the TPR members on AC make pretty good tracks (including myself ). Tdub goes as TW, TimeTrial as Aleriia (SP?), and I go as Accelerate and [Alter Ego] (My alternate account).
  9. Well, you got me this time, Griffin. I didn't think it would be a dive machine at all. I have a few criticisms, though. One, Griffon (BGW) is over 200 feet tall, and I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure Sheikra is to, so this isn't the first Dive Machine/Hyper ever. My second criticism is more of an opinion, but I never thought that Dive Machine cars were all that Dragon-like. Other wise, everything looks beautiful!
  10. Yes! I knew it! Oh, and thanks for clarifying everything in this post. Because truthfully, you shouldn't need that last post to learn that the name is -- --------, but rather just to confirm that that is the name.
  11. ^Well, I can't help you there. ^^IMHO, yes. If you were to take out the Arrow launched, It would be fine, though.
  12. Are they directly in the Objectdat folder? If they are in a subfolder, they will not a appear. Otherwise, I can't help you (I run Vista).
  13. Sorry, I can't do the merge. As for your other questions, though, yes, you can run multiple trains, but not with block sections. And from what I understand, making a CTR is actually quite difficult.
  14. SNES. Just as nostalgic, but better graphics. GBA Advance or SP?
  15. I have been listening to Nightwish a lot lately with their new album. I have made the decision that Annette is so much better than Tarja. You can actually understand Annette's voice (Unlike Tarja...) and her voice just seems more natural. I can't stand some of Tarja's higher pitch singing (ie. Ghost Love Score), but so far, I haven't found Annette's singing near as strenuous.
  16. While I'm not necessarily an animal lover, this is just wrong. Corporate America just doesn't know when it has gone too far. EDIT: It seems that the signature thing might not be for me, as I am a minor and many of the things in the letter do not apply to me.
  17. I'd go with option A, for reasons stated above. The corkscrew looks awfully intense for a stand-up, though. Most standups have a MCBR before any corkscrews.
  18. I usually do things the way he does it, adding supports later. That way, your layout is uninhibitted.
  19. Use that login screen to login, then try the download again. It should work.
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