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  1. ^Sorry, shouldh've thought of that. I'm going to go on to stage 2, which is scenery.
  2. I'm back! I have a new coaster, although at the moment it is just a layout, I plan for further development. Please do not close this thread because right now I am just seeking advice. Please, criticism is always accepted! If it helps to know, I plan to custom support this. P.s. If you haven't heard the song, it is by Okkervil River. Pop Lie-Stage 1.SV6 Download for stage one.
  3. This is beautiful . My only criticsm is that you slope land down to the water but theres just a dropoff in the water. I'm a stickler about this, but keep the slope smooth.
  4. Here's My entry, Lost Coastlines. http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1874 Lost Coastlines in Game Exchange
  5. Today i saw that there was another thread by the same name 6 years ago. It was locked after two posts. Wonder if that means anything?
  6. Ok, I understand titiles now. @MeMeMe-Thanks! I'm Getting better @QueerRudie-Sorry about the intamin/schwarzkoph thing. The track just looked like intamin track. And did you mean short, not tall, because I305 (if I remember) is 305 feet tall. Pretty tall, huh? Well, that is all. I have had a lot to do lately. Expect an update soon!
  7. Look at all the people! *sits* *groans* This could take a while to judge. And to those of you asked, I'm not sure of my time zone, but I live in ohio. If I haven't say that you can't submit any more, then you can still submit. So it will not close at midnight, more like 3:00 the next day.
  8. As it says in the description, no hacks/trainers. I'll try to make that a bit more clear.
  9. Didn't seem that much like the beast, but definately like El Toro. Don't get me wrong, you still did a very good job.
  10. I've decided to make a contest for anyone who wants to join. The contest is simple-Make the best coaster you can using plain RCT2. You are allowed to use CS and will not be penalized if you don't. You are not allowed to use custom rides or trains. Your coaster should be stand alone, there should be no "supporting rides". Otherwise, you may make the coaster however you like. Coasters will be judged in the following criteria: Creativity-Is your coaster creative, innovative and "different"? Scenery-Is it aesthetically appealing? Realism-Could some one survive it? If not, it needs work. (NOTE-The coaster does not need to look like areal life coaster or have supports and stuff- it just needs to be feesible.) How good is it?-Excitement rating, Landscape interaction, and other stuff that makes it stand out Public vote- Do others like it? ALL CREATIONS ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT APRIL 30TH!!!!! NOTHING FROM AFTER THEN WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!!! How to turn in-Upload it onto the game exchange and post a link to it here. Good Luck!
  11. Sorry that it's been a while, but I have completed theCurse of Loch Ness. It is an Intamin Megalite Themed around a mine terrorized by... you guessed it, the Loch Ness Monster! On an unrelated note, how do you change your title? I can't find it on the user control panel. Before Scenery Some scenery The stations THe Layout Redirecting the Last path.(Sorry about the mess!) Finished. Please Comment!!!
  12. Well, it's been two years, so I do not believe that there will be another update. I never really played RCT3, but this is better than I could do. Ever.
  13. Take note taht this requires time twister. Unfortunately I was unable to download it.
  14. I'm back! Today we have no new coasters, but here's a little teaser for the next one.
  15. Well, if you didn't like that it was dark, this ride is anything but. Introducing LightSpeed, a giant Intamin spiral coaster. With a length of almost 11,000 ft, it is by far the park's longest coaster, smoking Premonition by nearly 4,000 ft! Guests will enjoy this somewhat slow yet still awesome ride! Note:This is like the fifth ride i've tried in between silent abyss and now. I'll try to put in stalls and whatnot (yes, I ran spellcheck and it is a word), too. Does anybody know how to edit your signature and age? SCR32.BMP Overview SCR33.BMP Stats SCR34.BMP The que
  16. I know you have waited, and I have only a small update to offer. Unfortunately, this is the first night that I've had time to post. Just how things work, I guess. I hope you guys like arrow supports... SCR23.BMP The new ride is an Arrow hyper, Silent Abyss! SCR24.BMP The Pretzel Turn SCR25.BMP SCR26.BMP SCR27.BMP SCR28.BMP SCR29.BMP SCR30.BMP And some stats. Curious riders may notice something big going up in the distance.
  17. Sorry about the wait. I've been trying to find a time to get on. Mountain lake is finishing up its contract with B&M with two new rides and a new themed section. Enjoy! SCR13.BMP Premonition, the B&M standup, After design completion SCR14.BMP Premonition's stats-before scenery SCR15.BMP Premonition's stats with scenery SCR16.BMP Park Overview And now, that themed section that I mentioned earlier... SCR17.BMP The begginnings of the new section- Haunted Harbor! (Yes, that's supposed to be a lighthouse) SCR18.BMP This is the 3rd B&M, the last one for now. (It's not kracken, that's just what it was in the last park) SCR19.BMP The partially finished "Ghost" SCR21.BMP The Boardwalk-like que SCR22.BMP Final Stats
  18. The owners of Mountain Lake have begun to realize that they need to expand to a different audience: families. Thus Kiddie Kingdom was born. SCR9.BMP Kiddie Kingdom
  19. Next Update: The park has begun to expand with the addition of Deep Blue, a B&M built coaster. Sure it's not a hyper coaster, but thats all the park can afford at the time. It packs quite a punch,too. SCR5.BMP The lift of Deep Blue SCR6.BMP The twisting section SCR8.BMP EDIT: I almost forgot to put up this one's stats.
  20. I'm new to TPR, and I would like to start out with a park. As you may find out later, I am not a big fan of custom supports and fancy buildings. So, here are some screens of what I have made so far: This is Tornado, currently the parks only coaster Another view of Tornado Some Stats, plus some trees
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