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  1. I think Big Bad Wolf will turn into something like Hypersonic at KD.. Nobody really talks about it and no one really misses it. I think in the next few years we will be saying, "I remember that ride.." I wholeheartedly disagree with this to the fullest extent of the word. I've only gone to BGW once, and it was the year before Griffin opened. I wasn't a coaster enthusiast then (I was 9) and I still absolutely adored it. I probably rode it 6 or 7 times. Hypersonic was not open for long, was not all that great of a ride, and had no real theme, which is almost the exact opposite of BBW, which I believe will be missed much for a very long time.
  2. My guesses- Dive machine multi-looper, with 6 inversions. Has an apocalyptic theme, and will open on the Day of the Dead (I can't remember when that is ) How are my guesses?
  3. ^On the site that I found this on, they thought it said 2000-2013. I can make out 2000-20. I think that this actually means that SoB as we know it may not exist as of the end of next year, and that a "new" SoB may be on it's way. Maybe an Intamin, with any luck. It also says "unloved son" this year, not "beloved son." CF finally realized that most people hated it .
  4. It isn't, really, but it would be easier if we knew the question. How many holes in a polo?
  5. Serious answer: Whether we like it or not, we subconsciously remember the product and therefore are more likely to buy it. Dumb/possibly true answer: They hate us By the way, I know about the space race, I don't live under a rock (or do I... ). I was going along with conspiracy theories, I fully believe that NASA landed on the moon. Question: What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
  6. What's with the giant slides? Some sort of ride, or do they have a purpose? The look like really fun slides, though.
  7. At the speed it is probably going, an airtime hill would likely be too intense. But I do agree, that straight section is kind of strange.
  8. Oh for crying out loud... I meant the k'nex set that you got the track and cars from. EDIT: I seriously hate my iPod's autocorrect. It screws up what I'm saying.
  9. Because healthy food is only assembled on Earth. It is manufactured on Mars. Why did NASA fake the moon video?
  10. I just realized something- on the SoB coffin, I see the words "if" and "do", and on the Big Dipper coffin, I see the word "bad." Might this have any relevance to anything?
  11. ^I think I worded it wrong. I know they're high tech, but I didn't know that they are available outside the coaster market.
  12. Crush- Pendulum Glass Prison- Dream Theater Born To Lead- Hoobastank The Tempest- Pendulum Pop Lie- Okkerville River Granite- Pendulum Plus Ones- Okkerville River Walk Away- FFDP Witchcraft-Pendulum Song for the Dead- Sea Wolf Can anyone classify this taste in music? I seriously can't!
  13. I used to have this set, but I never did anything realistic with it. I have no idea where it is now.
  14. I followed this park for a while, it's so sad to see it go . Good luck with your next one!
  15. I figured that it was something like that. I used to have a k'nex coaster in my basement, but it fell apart over the course of two years . I always envisioned LIMs as a high tech coasters only invention. I guess I was wrong!
  16. This sounds awesome! But do LIMs/LSMs come that small? Also, is it necessary to have that many pieces in the zero g roll? It seems like overkill to me.
  17. Dropping your phone in a pit of boiling acid. What's worse that death?
  18. August first, starting cross country again. When was the last time you rode SoB?
  19. These aren't mine, but I found them with Google. My MS Paint skills The grave last year I think that SoB is getting a revival... whether we like it or not. I've ridden it. I know. My back hurt for a week afterwards. I was 10.
  20. Even without a fastpass, I managed to get on Diamondback six times in one day, as well as some other coasters a few times. You must've gotten a bad crew that day.
  21. My entry, a B&M loop-n-Screw! Blade in Game Exchange My entry to this contest! 30x13
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