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  1. Haven't submitted it yet, and don't know if I will, either. 1. The Beast (PKI) 2. Racer (PKI) 3. Blue Streak 4. SOB 5. Mean Streak I didn't find SOB to be boring, but it knocked the wind out of me and hurt my back so much that I could barely walk the rest of the day. Did I mention that I was only ten at this point in time?
  2. On the topic of Steel Titan, all that I think you need to do is remove the last loop, as in my opinion it is the only truly unrealistic part of the ride.
  3. Gargoyles and dragons await us all... Wait, dragons?! I think I know too much. Come on, post so we can see whatever it is that Griffin has!
  4. My specialty! I'll get working now! I know that we're not allowed to remove the winter theming, but can we add something not necessarily winter themed (like a carnival-ish thing)?
  5. His obituary literally read that he died from overworking for the good of the people .
  6. Well, that sure fell apart. Onto round 2! Let's get organized!
  7. My favorite bands next album, which came out in Finland a month ago, doesn't come out in the U.S. for another 3 weeks. It makes me sad.
  8. Storytime - Nightwish This song is out in the U.S.! Unfortunately, none of the other songs on Imaginaerum come out 'till January 10th . Why do they have to be Finnish?!
  9. Although I see where you're coming from, if you read the preview thread discussion on this, BAB says that the point of Kentucky Viper is that it is not ultra-realistic. /rant
  10. From these clues, I have arrived at three conclusions, two of which I shall Share. 1. -32 2. Bartholomew Andrew Thomas Andrew James the Greater John Thomas Jesus Mary James the Lesser Andrew And what's more, is that there is a logic behind this. If Griffin wants to tell you, he will. I won't, because I don't fully understand it. EDIT: That last line says, " I do not want to die alone." Griffin, I've figured you out. Hint: For those of you stumped, click the link at the bottom.
  11. I may be wrong, but I always thought that the balloon ride you're using was a cfr. I could be wrong, though. I like the station for the kiddie coaster!
  12. Even though I have a good idea of what's coming, your last picture still confuses me. I see some track, though.
  13. As a runner myself, I can truly appreciate that picture!
  14. I Want My Tears Back - Nightwish I seriously can't wait until January 10th.
  15. ^People who ask similar questions over and over. What's worse than learning that your best friend could die soon? (True story, unfortunately. He's better now, though.)
  16. I'm trying hard not to say anything about my secret. I am number seven, and I knew the answer.
  17. My main criticism is that the top-hat is way too far into the layout. It should be closer to the launch. Other wise, this looks pretty good!
  18. I'm now the proud owner of 2 Lv100 pokémon in my Black game. They are my Umbreon and Archeops .
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