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  1. Footers will improve your ride by a lot. Also, when custom supporting a ride, custom support all of it. I know that it is a pain sometimes, but it will make the ride look a lot better. I like the layout a lot, though!
  2. ****/***** I agree with the above post in respect to the overall bumpyness of the ride. There were many violent jolts on both tracks. The build-up, though, makes up for a lot of these faults.
  3. Pokémon reference! Looks promising, but you may want to do a complete revision of Palkia's layout, because Arrow just never did "Spaghetti Bowl" layouts. A classic corkscrew layout would fit much more nicely and look better. Take my advice witha grain of salt; the layout reminds me of my old ones.
  4. I'd assume that you have experience before doing this, of course. SoCal is comepletly correct, you can't expec all that much from an iOS app at this point, and it will likely be months at very least before it is released.
  5. I helped one of my friends by forcing him onto Diamondback five times in a row. He's fine now.
  6. Park DAT will let you replace dat files. It's nice because it shows you what items you are already using in game and all the free slots you have. I went into my program files and tried to find my park save data, but its not there even though it shows up in game, are the DAT files somewhere else, where are they? Are you running Vista? If so, click the "compatibility files" button, and all your files should be there.
  7. Done! I'm assuming that your thesis is that social networking sites reveal too much of our information? At my high school earlier this year, there was a kid who had a sign telling people to follow him on twitter at a football game. The school, seeing this, went onto his Twitter, and there was some "profane content"on it. The student was suspended for three days because of this. I myself think that that is an invasion of privacy through social networking. I don't know if this will help you, but I thought that it might.
  8. I was abducted by aliens and dropped in the middle of the desert...
  9. Enter Shikari is edging up on my list. Not as good as Pendulum or Nightwish, but still pretty amazing.
  10. Under ten bucks, I'd buy it. An idea might be for a community aspect, but that may need to be added later as an update. I like the idea a lot, though.
  11. Dying because you couldn't make said call. What's worse than a really good song being ruined by a few Scream-o parts?
  12. Well, I didn't really experience this, but one day over the summer at KI, there was a longer line for the Chick-Fil-A than Diamondback. I feel bad for those people.
  13. Never. When was the last time you listened to a foreign band?
  14. Creepers. What's worse than explaining why someone died to your young child?
  15. Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch Amazing cover.
  16. Like "the Son-of-a-bitch rib crusher?" . Same here.
  17. /\Then this appears to be a "scare uninformed people out of piracy act" than a "stop piracy act."
  18. You know, I just realized that I missed the Judas video. And not everybody here was clueless, Griffin. I had at least some idea of what you were doing...
  19. Having a power outage for the first 34 years of your life. What's worse than being chased by a thunderstorm?
  20. /\ Going along with that, I dislike Weedles. And most actual bugs as well.
  21. This bill also states that piracy will now be upgraded to a felony. Joy.
  22. I think you should keep it, but change the layout. First, I would revise that steep upwards turnaround, you're going to get some crazy high lats on it. I suggest that you make it a wider, flat turnaround. Also, don't forget the brake run at the end! You don't seem to have one .
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