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  1. No guys it's not those parks... isn't it obvious? Celebration City is getting it! They're already taking down Thunderbolt to make room for it!
  2. I'm leaning towards Cedar Point (my #1 option) or some other park (a Six Flags or international park) for this one.
  3. Well (other than BGT) this summer, we're going up North again. Supposedly we'll be going to Kings Dominion (again), Cedar Point (also again), Hersheypark, and SFGAdv (not final yet). Hopefully this comes true!
  4. I also agree that the majority of the Arrow coasters still open will probably be next, with the exception of some of their signature rides (like X2 and Magnum). I also kind of see HUSS Topple Towers coming down soon.
  5. I'm probably going to make another trip up north (nothing official) this summer, possibly to Six Flags Great Adventure, and maybe some park in Virginia (either KD again or BGW). Another possibility is going to Europe, particularly England, where I may visit Thorpe Park (to check out Swarm).
  6. Add me to the list of HRRR fans. I haven't ridden any of the options posted (though I guess I'd choose Maurer), but if I can choose anything, Intamin all the way, followed by MACK.
  7. Thank God I'm not the only one! I also enjoyed Mean Streak when I rode last summer!
  8. I've only been on one: Shockwave at KD. It was actually a very fun ride, not really rough!
  9. ^^"There is no way Universal would ever remove JAWS and the whole Amity area!"
  10. Okay, now here's every park I visited in 2011 (BGT 4th time was my last): * Busch Gardens Tampa (4x) * Islands of Adventure (2x) * Universal Studios Florida (2x) * Carowinds (2x) * Kings Dominion (1x) * Cedar Point (1x) * Six Flags Over Georgia (1x)
  11. * Finally going to Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and SFOG the first time. * Seeing Cheetah Hunt under construction, and finally riding it.
  12. I've changed my mind just yesterday: JAWS. It just came out of the left field, and I didn't think Universal had the guts to take out the whole Amity area!
  13. Leviathan, the Wing Coasters, and Skyrush are the ones that come to mind IMO.
  14. The only Boomerang that I've ridden was Carolina Cobra at Carowinds. It was actually a very fun ride, and I also wouldn't mind one coming to Fun Spot. Never been to this park, but I hope to soon, especially with this expansion. Love me a GCI Big Fun!
  15. I believe there is a mat racer slide going in Soak City in 2012.
  16. As of now, the last coaster I rode was Batman: The Ride at SFOG.
  17. That's the perfect description of the ride in my eyes; also it's speed and pacing has after the first two inversions is just atrocious. And Anaconda's flaws just become more and more glaring as time passes and a better caliber of steel coasters have been built at KD. I have to agree with this 100%. After the loop and the sidewinder, the train seems to be dragging itself through the track. The underwater part was really the only good part of Anaconda. I wouldn't shed a single tear if it was torn down for something better.
  18. I'm guessing the next B&M prototype will be for Alton Towers' Secret Weapon 7, launched or 4D.
  19. We already have a thread here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=46306&start=1000
  20. As much as I liked Riddler's Revenge, I have to agree that their station is just BRUTAL!
  21. Yeah, I didn't see this coming at all... Hopefully the park will live on.
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