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  1. Yes, yes, YES! Seriously, by far one of the best posts I've read yet. I don't care what manufacturer they go with, B&M or Intamin, as long as it gives a fun ride!
  2. I also think it should be in the south end of the park, around Bayside Stadium. That area needs some attention! Couldn't agree more!
  3. Such a wicked idea. I might try that next time I'm at IOA.
  4. When I was down in South Florida last weekend, we passed by it. Not much change! Very sad to see it rot!
  5. It would definitely be a convenient way to close it early. I say just put Gwazi out of its misery already and give me an Intamin Prefab. I'd be all for this! I love El Toro!
  6. Gwazi is closed because it was hit by lightning during a storm on Friday. They are trying to fix it now. I'm sure they want to have it open during the busy summer season before they try to shut it down for good. I'm not sure why they would waste money in trying to reopen it just to tear it down later (regardless of the season), especially since the parks are currently making cuts such as closing restaurants like Crown Colony and rides like Europe in the Air. If the current rumors are true (that Gwazi will be removed by the end of the year) I'd say that lightning strike may have been the final nail in the coffin for Gwazi.
  7. I found this video of SFGAdv's parachute drop ride on YouTube: Apparently Parachute rides are considered Drop towers.
  8. The sound of B&M roars is definitely music to my ears (especiallly Hulk's). The launch coasters have a great sound too. I also love the sound of Dive machines. I always thought that the lift hill on SheiKra sounds like a monster laughing, and the roar they generate is pretty sweet!
  9. Found this from Hatetofly at Orlando United. It looks like this is Gwazi's last year: More here.
  10. There's already a thread here: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1092
  11. My guess is either Time Machine or one of the old B&M Stand-Ups. I think Time Machine should be saved sometime soon, but if it continues to be SBNO, it will eventually be beyond repair. Vortex at Carowinds sits on great real estate for the park, and CGA's Vortex has a bad reputation. Just because Kumba is B&M's first sit down coaster doesn't mean that it is a candidate for the first defunct B&M. I personally don't see Kumba being removed anytime soon as it's still in good condition and a popular attraction. I also have a hard time believing Dragon Challenge could go anytime soon. And if Universal decides to retheme Marvel (which I'm confident will not be anytime soon, as Marvel characters still bring in money for Universal), it would make much more sense to retheme Hulk than to scrap it. Also, I personally think the older B&M Stand-Ups like the Vortex clones will be gone before Mantis.
  12. Inverted: Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons at the time) (IOA) (my first B&M) Stand-Up: Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) Sit-Down: Incredible Hulk Coaster (IOA) Hyper: Silver Star (Europa Park) Floorless: Kraken (SWO) Flying: Manta (SWO) Dive: SheiKra (BGT) I haven't been on a B&M Wing Coaster or a Giga Coaster yet (if that counts separate from the hyper).
  13. Haha cookies and huggies! Those are my favorites! What about Mighty Putty? Or chocolate? (yeah, I'm thinking random/dumb ones )
  14. I honestly think we have a better chance of Toon Lagoon going for this than the Lost Continent. There's already Harry Potter next to the Lost Continent, and if you put Middle Earth and Harry Potter next to each other, the amount of congestion in that area will increase greatly. The Lost Continent will one day go, but not for this.
  15. Hopefully Anaconda is gone soon... the ride sits on some real estate that can be put into much better use. Rode it in summer 2011, and it's probably one of the most boring coasters I've ridden (didn't even bother with it last summer). It just didn't do much to me (and it's certainly not smooth either).
  16. Maybe Dorney Park?! Or maybe Dorney will even get FOUR "new" rides: Perilous Plunge, Son of Beast, Space Spiral, and Disaster Transport!
  17. B&M: Vortex at Carowinds (I don't "hate" it, but I rank it lower than all the other B&M's I've ridden) Intamin: Disaster Transport at Cedar Point (really didn't do much for me...) GCI: I've only been on one (Gwazi) so I don't have one yet!
  18. Kings Dominion (in June) for the first time since last year.
  19. So Carowinds posted a pic of what is clearly Carolina Cyclone under construction for their "Time Travel" picture of the day. Check out this gold: Yeah, that pic of a STEEL coaster definitely looks like Thunder Road (a WOODEN coaster).
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