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  1. And isn't he on his way out? Don't rule out a flyer just yet. I actually would also love a Wing Coaster, but I love Flying Coasters too, so either one will be cool. Luckily, B&M hasn't made a Floorless Coaster in years so I think we're good. Maybe we'll get a B&M Hyper since Cedar Point is known for its BIG coasters Are you really that negative about floorless coasters? I actually wouldn't mind one like Dominator. Besides, like someone pointed out, there is one going up in China now. As for a B&M Hyper, they already have an Arrow Hyper, Magnum, so I think we can rule out a B&M Hyper.
  2. I think if it were to be a B&M coaster, it would either be a flying coaster or a wing coaster (or even a dive machine). My personal option: as much as a wing coaster would be awesome, I prefer the flying coaster, mainly because I'm a flying coaster junkie. Now for some designs we can rule out: * Inverted Coaster - They already have Raptor. * Stand-Up Coaster - They already have Mantis. * Hypercoaster - They already have Magnum (and some other airtime coasters that are not hypercoasters).
  3. Invertigo at CGA seems the most shocking removal. Right after it just opened from the accident, it got removed! The Dania Beach Hurricane closing also came as a shock to me. And after Chang got removed from SFKK, I thought the park was going to close in a year or two, but not at the time it closed. Speaking of which, Chang's removal was a pretty shocking one.
  4. Unfortunately, I agree. However, I do sense a coaster in 2013. Anyways, I went to Cedar Point for the first time on the 28th and 29th, and might I just say this... it was epic! Top Thrill Dragster is my new favorite coaster! The others were nice too, and the only one I was "meh..." with was Disaster Transport (yes, I didn't say Mean Streak). So my rides for the first day were: Raptor Mantis Millennium Force Dodgem Wicked Twister Flying Ace's Balloon Race Maverick Mean Streak Magnum XL-200 Top Thrill Dragster 2nd Day: Skyride Iron Dragon WindSeeker (I really liked this) Gemini Corkscrew Blue Streak Disaster Transport Troika Maverick Millennium Force Top Thrill Dragster Skyride Rides I wanted to ride, but could not because I was in a hurry: MaxAir Power Tower Skyhawk
  5. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is my favorite small park.
  6. Same thing happened to me at KD's Hurler. My lap bar unlatched on the lift, but I pushed it back in and held on.
  7. Oh my god... I love I305, but... wow... 340 ft. with a 327 ft. drop... with at least 100 mph... oh... *faints from excitement* But seriously, now I'm glad I didn't get to go to Knott's last winter! Hope this is true!
  8. Now watch as I resurrect this thread from the dead. Anyways, I just rode Kings Dominion's Drop Tower, my first Gyro Drop, and it is my favorite form of Intamin Drop Tower! Probably the best drop tower I've ridden (tied with Dr.Doom at IOA).
  9. ^I think you will have a great time! HRRR, while not the best coaster, is a very fun ride. Oh, and Tbad556 reported this at OU:
  10. I don't dislike any parks, but if I had to choose it would be Conny-Land in Switzerland. The only coaster it had was still being built when we visited (Cobra), and some rides were kind of mediocre, though some were fun. I liked the place though.
  11. Okay so I have visited KD recently, and I didn't think Anaconda was that rough. However I had kind of a boring experience. I like the drop into the tunnel, but otherwise it was kind of "meh..." Oh, and BTW, Intimidator 305 became my favorite coaster tied with X2 at SFMM! And the park was awesome as well!
  12. First off, the new GCI woodie looks pretty awesome! I also agree with the above posts: Europa Park is a truly amazing park that combines the way Disney themes their parks with amazing coasters. I was really impressed with that when I visited last summer.
  13. ^I think by the time Demon goes, there will be NOTHING in that picture but a parking lot, unfortunately (again, I'm trying to be optimistic, but at the same time I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach).
  14. Next park is Carowinds, followed by Kings Dominion, and then possibly Cedar Point.
  15. ^I actually thought of that when I first heard of Attraction 2012 last year. I was thinking it could be America's first B&M Wing Coaster. However, now I'm starting to think that this is an Intamin Hyper (though the Wing Coaster is my second option).
  16. Hersheypark has it also...... As well as Universal, BGT, and SeaWorld Orlando.
  17. I know this might be very subjective to some people, but *Facepalm* Agreed.
  18. My favorite is the Congo River Rapids at BGT, followed by a tie between Splash Mountain, Popeye, and Ripsaw Falls.
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