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  1. I doubt this rumor, but if it is true, I'll go back to my previous thoughts (the possibility of CGA being doomed).
  2. I live in South Florida, so I'm not sure I'd count the parks in Orlando/Tampa as my home parks, but if not then: 2008: Disaster (USF) The Simpsons Ride (USF) Jungala rides (BGT) 2009: Manta (SWO) 2010: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (IOA) (I don't count the other rethemes) 2011: WindSeeker (Cedar Point) Cheetah Hunt (BGT) If they do count as my home parks, then its pretty much just WindSeeker.
  3. I've only been on 8 (I liked all of them though): 1. X2 2. Goliath 3. Tatsu 4. Viper 5. Riddler's Revenge 6. Scream 7. Batman 8. Revolution
  4. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (USF) Cheetah Hunt (BGT) Just to name a few.
  5. X-Flight looks all sorts of amazing! *waits for one to go up in Florida (Universal please!)*
  6. 1. Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point) 2. X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 3. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)/Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion) 4. SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa) 5. Maverick (Cedar Point) 6. Intimidator (Carowinds) 7. Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 8. Manta (SeaWorld Orlando)/Tatsu (Six Flags Magic Mountain)/Nighthawk (Carowinds) 9. Blue Fire (Europa Park) 10. Volcano: The Blast Coaster (Kings Dominion)
  7. If I recall correctly, that coaster's track did come from the Ohio plant a long time ago (since November of last year I believe).
  8. I like BGT's Serengeti Express, because it gives a nice view of the Serengeti Plains and other parts of the park. I also have to agree with you on MK's train.
  9. Actually, Parc Asterix's new Inverted Coaster has the code too (not my picture):
  10. So yeah, I brought back this thread. I just found this pic of GASM at Six Flags Great Adventure getting demolished: http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16824&st=540&p=417633entry417633 That demolition looks insane.
  11. So now I've made my REAL decision (two): Anaconda at Kings Dominion. It was not a smooth ride, and was also pretty tame and unexciting. I say tear it out for a B&M Flying Coaster! Disaster Transport at Cedar Point. The building is an eyesore and the ride is rather dull. I'd take a GCI over this anyday!
  12. Mine's Congo River Rapids (BGT), followed by Popeye (IOA).
  13. I'm calling it now... MONTU! jk This B&M Inverted Coaster is really intriguing me, and some parts do look fantastic and intense! If this is any better than Montu, I guess I'll have to go to France soon!
  14. I have some new ones: Shockwave (KD) Mean Streak (CP) Hurler (KD and Carowinds) Mantis (CP) Backlot Stunt Coaster (KD) So about Shockwave... I was expecting some roughness after the reviews of this ride. Surprisingly, this ride was pretty smooth, and it gave you airtime too! And it felt pretty intense at some parts. What a very amazing ride! Mean Streak... very large woodie. It was very cool, and is my favorite woodie (don't throw rocks at me please!). Hurler... the one in KD was very cool. The Carowinds version isn't even that rough (I've been on it the two times I've been there: 6/16/11 and 7/5/11). Mantis... my favorite Stand-Up. Backlot... wasn't really expecting it to be a big deal, but for a family coaster, it was pretty cool. I actually felt airtime at some parts.
  15. Grizzly is 91 ft (according to RCDB). Nice find Flagg O'Dim! To be honest, I'm now starting to think the park might be around for a little more. Like Tmcdllr said, why would they apply for a two-year extension for a 111 ft. wooden coaster last month, if they are supposedly selling the park? I'm still prepared for the worst, but that extension looks like a good sign IMO.
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