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  1. I live a bit north of Philly and I'm about an hour from Dorney, and hour and a half from Great Adventure, two from SFA, two from Hershey, and maybe 3 from Knoebel's. There are some other close-ish ones too. I was thinking though, and I'd say the best place to live would be the middle of the East Coast, like one of the Carolinas. That way within a day's drive you'd be able to reach so many good parks, and you'd have access to Florida easily. You'd also have some great parks like Cedar Point, King's Island, Holiday World, Silver Dollar City, and many more within a day and a half's driving distance. Yes you'd probably have to drive a bit more for many of the parks but it wouldn't be too long of a drive for anything on the East Coast.
  2. I can't decide between Outlaw Run or Iron Rattler... both so amazing!
  3. The Jojo roll is reason enough to ride this, and it is quite a unique layout. It's an overall fun ride in my book except it rattles more significantly than other floorlesses I've rode.
  4. I only rode 6 new coasters in 2012, and only one of them managed to crack my top 10. 2011: 10. Steel Force 9. Bizzaro (SFGADV) 8. Kingda Ka 7. Phoenix 6. Lightning Racer 5. Storm Runner 4. Alpengeist 3.Apollo's Chariot 2. Nitro 1. El Toro 2012: 10. Bizzaro (SFGADV) 9. Kingda Ka 8. Phoenix 7. Lightning Racer 6. Storm Runner 5. Alpengeist 4. Skyrush 3. Apollo's Chariot 2. Nitro 1. El Toro
  5. I thought Manhattan Express/The Roller Coaster was not actually terrible. It was jerky and hang banging, but riding it at night provides a very cool atmosphere with all the lights in Vegas.
  6. Best floorless is definitely Skyrush But in all seriousness, probably Bizzaro. I actually enjoy the extra theming done to it except the soundtrack.
  7. I was not allowed re-rides on Bizzaro or Nitro. They both irked me because of those extremely long exit ramps.
  8. I would think re-rides were more based on the ride op's personal opinion. I've been granted re-rides at Dorney before when there were really friendly ride ops. I have also not been given re-rides at Great Adventure even when I was the only one riding the train.
  9. Those are definitely some of the best coaster views. For some reason though, I've always liked Big Bad Wolf's drop over the Rhine River.
  10. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=60058&hilit=roller+coaster+bucket+list
  11. People have been saying Verbolten gets extremely good capacity right? Is this due to the train type or is it the ops?
  12. Just rode Skyrush yesterday, it should definitely be somewhere in that top 10. Maybe the top 20, definitely not in the 40s. And it should not be number six on best new rides list. Wild Eagle was not the best new ride, I think that was just picked because they were hosting the event this year. Oh well, at least El Toro is number one!
  13. Those last two photos are pretty amazing! Were you trying to time the picture with the on ride photo, or did you just get lucky?
  14. Who else thought of this when they read the topic title?...
  15. "alpengeistfan1" didn't vote for Alpengeist? LOL. . too funny. My vote is for Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas. . huge fan of that ride, and have been on it over 100 times. Yeah I made this account before I rode El Toro, oh well it's been with me so long that I wouldn't want to change it anymore.
  16. El Toro, hands down. I'd probably say something different if I had rode all the coasters that I want to, but just for the ones I've been on I'll say that.
  17. A few days ago at Dorney, my friend and I were riding the swings and his chair got spun around in the middle of the ride and he ended up riding the whole thing backwards. He was laughing the whole time it was great!
  18. I think I know what you mean as well. What gets me is that when I think of a ride, sometimes I think "Is this actually really good, or am I just thinking it's good because everyone else thinks it's good." My favorite ride is El Toro and I'm not sure if it's actually my number 1, but it has such high praise that I tend to feel like someone else said it was my favorite before it actually was my favorite. Also, a question for everyone else (that I think is in this same type topic): Would you say there is a difference between your "best" coaster and your "favorite" coaster?
  19. The guy on the left in the third row looks like he has an evil plan...
  20. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Really the best tv show ever, I highly recommend it. Seinfeld - Who doesn't like Seinfeld? Parks and Rec - Ron alone makes the series.
  21. The tickets from Giant are good for any normal operation day for the summer. They are not date stamped. Enjoy your trip!!! Thank you very much! It's a good thing too because we decided to cancel for tomorrow because of the weather coming in.
  22. I voted for both of these, excellent work these are really great!
  23. I have a quick question for anyone who knows about buying tickets from Giant. Can you buy the tickets days in advance? I'm going Sunday and I want to buy them today to save time when I'm down there.
  24. There was actually a 5k near me that did almost exactly this; it was called "Run for Your Life."
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