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  1. I would love it if they changed Bizzaro to regular music. The soundtrack they have right now is so annoying, regular music would be ten times better in my opinion. Also, kinda random, but does it irk anyone that this isn't even a picture of El Toro? http://www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/rides/ElToro.aspx
  2. I'm going to Hershey sometime next month, and I want to know how crowded is it during the week days?
  3. I get bored after I've ridden everything twice . It's good to ride some of the rides at night though, steel force in particular is much better at night.
  4. Guys, please read what he is saying. He's only answering questions pertaining to the clue.
  5. I don't have a problem with OTSRs either. I actually enjoy. Sure, a lap bar is less restrictive, but pulling down an OTSR over my head makes me feel like "Yes! I'm on a coaster again!" It's a special feeling you get when you pull down one, an experience unique to amusement parks. They also don't bother me at all, I don't remember bad head banging on any coaster so far.
  6. ^^What about Cedar Point? Certainly a very large park, with 17 roller coasters and many large flat rides. They can have their parking at 10 dollars.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! YES, to me it does and IS. I think he means the holding brake. When the ride is caught in the holding brake, the train isn't pointed straight down. It's more at 50 degrees or something.
  8. I personally think this might've been overlooked, but now I believe that CP will not run this ride in high winds. You never know how dangerous this could be, so they'll probably do something. But they won't make modifications to the ride, just how they operate it.
  9. I really like how much this is going to interact with Comet. It reminds me how Great Bear was put over Sooper Dooper Looper, and I think I wouldn't have enjoyed SDL as much if there was no Great Bear there. Weird, but just my personal preference.
  10. Thunderhawk isn't too bad, it's rough but bearable. And maybe he'd like demon drop? It's not big and technically doesn't go upside down. You could give it a try. Oh and Apollo maybe?
  11. I think the point of the thread is discussing an "ultimate resort." We all know that Disney would never work with anyone else.
  12. Kingda Ka's line signs are the same for Nitro's until you get right into the station. Because the four separate loading docks, I end up waiting 5-10 longer there. Or for the front it seems like 20 minutes longer...
  13. I want to like AC better, bur I think Nitro is more thrilling.
  14. I went to some dunes near there last year, up in Hoffmater State Park (I think that was the name). There were some of the best dunes I've ever been to, as you could just slide down some huge ones like you were skiing. Good TR though, I still need to get to this park. Along with almost every park....
  15. ^I went last year and there was about a 45 minute wait to get on. Not really too long, but it may warrant a flash pass to some people.
  16. I haven't been on many rough coasters, at least ones that bother me. But the one that does the most is Rolling Thunder, that coaster seems to just have bumps intentionally put in.
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