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  1. This picture looks like something to do with the H-R graph maybe? The carbon percentage is how old the stars are, because as stars get older they start burning carbon instead of hydrogen and helium. Then the white dwarf is a type of star, except it wouldn't be on that part of the graph it this was the H-R graph. Just thought I'd share this. Whatever the case, this clue seems to be all about stars.
  2. Maybe if the leaked layout is true, if it's being designed by Intamin, and.... something else.
  3. Coupon - saves money Accountant - deal with money? Some kind of connection we can make out of this?
  4. I read in a book somewhere about a Bible themed mini golf course somewhere, it had like the old testament as course, the new testament as the second course, and miracles as the third course? Something like that. I'm not exactly sure where it was though.
  5. Where would you place this coaster, in relation to some of the other top woodies (El Toro, Voyage, etc.)
  6. Definitely Great Adventure, the only downside would be there's nothing for your parents to do. Well actually they could spend a day at the Safari if they wanted to. Your second best option would be Hershey, as everyone has fun at Hershey. Plenty for your rents to do around Hershey, the whole town is awesome. Dorney is the least good park out of three, although it's not that bad.
  7. I'm liking that they're putting plants/trees/foliage around, much better than plain green grass under superman.
  8. I'm in love with Sooper Dooper Looper, it has great interaction with the terrain and is placed in a great location within the park! Also there's never any lines!
  9. One time on Skull Mountain, we got over the first drop and my friend and I yelled "LOOP!!!!" and freaked out all the little kids in the car
  10. Whirlwind at Knoebel's. Yeah, I know it's random but I found it good at that time!
  11. It looks to me like there's some sort of slot for the seats to move up and down in, so maybe there could be a tiny drop of the seats to fool the guests, then the whole car falls. I really have no idea, just observing the picture.
  12. The white is just primer for the corkscrew turning back into green again I believe. Even Six Flags isn't that dumb. *knock on wood*
  13. Cheetah Hunt goes over the sky ride. They had to shorten a couple of the towers for there to be enough clearance.
  14. I find it funny that NPN has a million unique visitors around the same time TPR has a million posts. http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2011/05/npn-million-visitor-giveaway-week-2.html
  15. Actually I didn't see the first part of that post sorry, you did specify inversion/loop. And yes I think Volcano would win?
  16. If we did this then we would be changing it to "largest inversions" not largest "loops." Whatever the case, I think you should specify if it's all inversions or just vertical loops.
  17. What are everyone's favorite amusement park commercials? Also, does anyone else find it really annoying when a park has a commercial then puts a picture/video of a coaster not at that park in the commercial? I see it all the time with Dorney Park around here.
  18. I think that it was shown somewhere that growing up with the dog will make the cheetah less scared of people or something like that.
  19. I agree, Wildcat is much better than people say it is. I also really liked GASM, although I'll probably like Green Lantern even more.
  20. I actually found 2 others videos on youtube of the coaster testing. They're better quality than the first one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORh6jSosqZ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgpkZVGJdfE&feature=related *Not filmed by me.
  21. I don't believe that many families would like a multiple launch coaster with inversions.
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