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  1. Do the restraints have any noticeable difference if you were to look at them?
  2. Alpengeist, Shambhala, El Toro, Leviathan, Mindbender, and Kingda Ka are some of my favorites.
  3. Nice pictures! I've always wanted to go to these places in CA. Oh and by the way, The Sting is one of the best movies ever...
  4. So, out of curiosity, would you count The Voyage before and after the Timberliners as different credits?
  5. In previous park maps, such as the 2004 map, the blank spots in the parking were filled with the stadium and buildings. http://www.themeparkpage.com/maps/maps/hershey.jpg?PHPSESSID=127936c37effd6a83c5c56e530fb2656
  6. The whole area looks a million times better with the trees blooming!
  7. I remember watching a travel channel special on the "top 10 coasters" where they showed Steel Force and had a couple get married on it.
  8. Well if we're going to take 13 million of off Skyrush's price then we would take some money off of Farenheit's as well.
  9. Thank you very much, I'll probably either buy the ticket for the reduced price online or, as you said, use a coke can.
  10. Does SFGAm offer a discount if you go in the park later in the day? I know some parks have a reduced price is you visit for only the end of the day, but I don't know if the Six Flags chain does this. The reason I ask is because we are going to be in the area for only one afternoon while on vacation. Thanks!
  11. www.jinni.com - LOVE this site, it's like IMDB but much better. www.themeparkreview.com - Of course... www.minecraftwiki.net - Use this site too much. www.mapmyride.com - Very useful for keeping track of biking and running stats.
  12. I found Great Bear to be loud, but it was a good kind of loud from the sand not in the supports.
  13. "Theme Park Design - Behind The Scenes With an Engineer" by Steve Alcorn.
  14. Storm Runner and Green Lantern. Including my home park, Dorney, you could say Demon Drop too.
  15. I just made everything except the track and riders black and white, put the whole thing in cross process, and used the focal zoom. It's one of my first edits haha, and now I'm addicted to Picnik.
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