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  1. I was reading online that Discover Card Members have a special entrance to the park, anyone know where this one is?
  2. I actually find some B&Ms very intense. In particular the helixes on their hyper coasters, such as Nitro, and coasters like Batman. Batman is one of the most intense coasters I've been on actually. But besides those examples, I see what you mean. Their inversions always seem more "spread out."
  3. The Batman clones don't do it for me, there's nothing really special about them. I like more spread out inverts like Great Bear and Alpengeist. But my favorite type has to be hyper, nothing better than the fun feeling of Nitro and Apollos Chariot. Also, the seats are BEAST.
  4. Would there be large crowds for this Sunday then? Also, what's Six Flags' policy in the rain? With light rain, would they close down most of the rides? Finally (sorry for all these questions) do they close down the rides when the concerts occur?
  5. I remember hearing about this a couple years ago, and it looked really exciting. Glad it's finally opened!
  6. No like the coaster train actually goes into the water, like fully underwater. No tunnel, and you're fully submerged
  7. One time I was talking with my friend, and he said "I wish there was a coaster that went UNDER the water!" And I said "Yeah there's one at this park called Kings Dominion" and I went to show him a picture. Afterwards he said "No I mean like actually through the water, so you're actually hitting the water!"
  8. Didn't at the announcement they said the first riders would use the QR reader on their phone to get something around the park and enter a contest through that? Or something along the lines of that?
  9. I like the coaster, but I agree with everyone over the fighting of floorless seats. It's definitely going to slow down the loading unless Hershey does something unique with the queue. And a minor complaint, the ride seems WAY too short. The statistics said 63 seconds for the whole ride I think?
  10. I would guess so, because you wouldn't be tired as you would have just woken up and you'd probably be hydrated from breakfast. I remember blacking out on the helix on Nitro after like 20 other coaster rides, but then I had some lunch with a drink and I was fine on the next ride. Good luck!
  11. Mega lite is just a type of coaster made by Intamin. http://www.intaminworldwide.com/amusement/RollerCoasters/Mega-Lite+Coaster/tabid/138/ProductNumber/Mega-Lite+Coaster/language/de-DE/Default.aspx
  12. I believe you can sit anywhere with a flash pass, but it will still be a longer wait for the front. If I remember correctly a flash pass brings you to the station, the part where you pick your row. Then you have to wait after that.
  13. If you are not planning on getting a Flash Pass (which appears to be the case since you are asking about lines) go on the 11th Thank you, and no I'm not getting Flash Pass so I'll go on the eleventh.
  14. I'm visiting Great Adventure either the fourth, which is labor day weekend, or the eleventh. Both are sundays. I want to try to go to the fourth because they're open two hours later than the eleventh, but how are crowds on Labor Day weekends?
  15. They now have a job application on RIT, for a Jr. Researcher. http://rideinstitute.com/job_app.php
  16. Scroll down a bit for a 10 page binder thing they found at the park. I didn't have anything in finding this, credit goes to HPCrazy and Walter White. http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t250p1050-attraction-2012-rumor-and-news-discussion
  17. Probably Beast. Unless it deteriorated over that span. Then, maybe Millennium Force?
  18. There's a down facing arrow here, at the end fadeout of the video. Is this just a logo or could it be more?
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