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  1. I would be highly willing to bet it looks something like this, just with different colors, a different setting, and no human riders. Either that or you can join facebook (or log on) and like SFGAd's fan page to view the video yourself. The only thing even mentioning it is a post saying "who wants to see a video of Green Lantern Testing?" and then no video anywhere.
  2. I was looking on facebook except I couldn't find it on their page, is it under a tab or something?
  3. Nice, nice. Can't wait till it opens! And about the painting of the loop, I really don't care what color it is. As long as it doesn't affect ride performance I could care less. It's just a little paint, and roller coasters' first purpose isn't to look good, it's to provide thrills to its riders.
  4. I personally enjoy El Toro's queue, you have a great view of some of the airtime hills and you're surrounded by Rolling Thunder too. I also like Bizzaro's queue because the fire is right near the queue and you can feel it sometimes.
  5. It could be a random person trying a joke, it seems unnecessary to me.
  6. Yes, I do not understand that either. My guess would be that maybe the "tunnels" would go around the bottom parts of the corkscrew and the green top part will be above the tunnels.
  7. The pieces were purposely painted yellow to incorporate "theming" into the ride. They are actually a different shade of yellow than Chang's.
  8. I'm not really sure why I found this funny, but whenever we're in line for a coaster my friend pronounces "queue" line with a "v" as the second "u."
  9. I was going to Vegas this summer on a family trip and looking forward to riding this... but I guess not. Canyon Blaster and New York New York will have to be good enough.
  10. Probably gonna a lot of disagreement with this, but Roller Soaker at Hershey. There's always a long wait, it's a bad idea, and it doesn't add any atmosphere to the area.
  11. I think the main reason they still call the area the "boardwalk" is because it is the area where they've placed all of their midway games.
  12. Weekends in May probably aren't the best idea, especially if you can go in April instead. And for GL crowds, I don't think it's opening till the end of May so you probably won't have to worry about it. Also, the weather in late April is like 60's, not super rainy and the temperature is great for everything except water rides. Finally, I don't believe there is a two day ticket.
  13. And what about September Saturday's? We are going to visit the park for 2 days! September 17th and 18th... Should we take a Flash Pass on Saturday? What would your advise be? Love to hear the crowds are low on September Sunday Never been on a September Sunday, but they are probably a little more crowded than the Sunday. On the Sunday you can get away with about 15 minute waits for all the coasters, but on Saturdays they're probably more like 30 to 40 minutes.
  14. I actually enjoyed Sidewinder tremendously. I found the small bit of landscaping to be very nice and there was nice atmosphere. I can't see the same happening to Invertigo though.
  15. Any day in April is good, and only the weekdays in May are good. After that, September Sundays are GREAT days to go.
  16. I don't know if you guys would be interested in this, but over on NE there is currently a scale coaster being designed and built as well. Here is the link: http://www.nedesigns.com/topic/21025/my-most-ambitious-project-to-date/ Page 3 is where things start to get interesting.
  17. Sorry about being behind on this, but where are you finding the 2011 park map?
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