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  1. Dang, get a life Hehe, jk. nice park. I'm just getting back into RCT.
  2. You know, im slightly tired but i can't sleep without a goodnight from the most amazing boy in the world (unless i'm REALLY tired) SO i guess ill just wait it out...
  3. I've been on X a few times and never felt that "stomach in your throat" feeling, Anyone else agree? I agree, but its a different kind of awesome. Like skydiving-esque. Maverick (back) and X (front) for me as well. I rode El Toro in the front, so i can't speak to its drop, but judging by the rest of the ride, i would assume its pretty awesome.
  4. I really hope not. With Knotts and Disney so close i think it would probably be a better idea for SFMM to just focus on the thrills. No matter how hard they try they're never going to win over the the families. What parents would take their kids to "Thomas Town" in a corner of six flags over the Happiest PLace on Earth?
  5. Brit was truly embarrassing to watch. i felt bad for her, but at the same time i didn't. she didn't look like she tried at all. She looked bored and confused.
  6. Try starting bigger. You'll realize its a lot easier to make a smooth coaster when its larger.
  7. ^^ I've always been afraid to see a high school production of Les Mis. I just can't imagine a bunch of kids handling that material well. Has anybody seen Miss Saigon? I'm going to see it at a local theatre next year. Already have tickets. (Wish it was still on broadway...)
  8. Not like I'm going to get it, but i hope it doesn't have a touch screen. It would definitely be more difficult to use then the clock wheel is now. Every time you want to switch songs or turn up the volume you'd have to fish it out of your pocket and turn off hold or something. If it is a new video and its wide screen, I'd hop they'd maybe put a click wheel on the back for index finger use or, probably ever better, make a flat representation of the click wheel across the top right shoulder. You could just slide your finger from left to right to navigate, and press it to select/pause etc.
  9. Eh. Where are the handrails and the wide supports? THe point of the ride was head choppers and you sort of got rid of them all...
  10. I'm i the only one who hates Grease? I mean, i guess i should'nt knock it until i've watched it all the way through, but what i've seen i didn't like at all. My favorite show is Wicked. I loved every second of it. My second favorite is probably a three way tie between Avenue Q, Hairspray, and RENT. And then there's Les Miserables. I've seen it twice. Once when i couldn't have been in anything over second grade and again last year. It totally went over my head. I'd be willing to give it a third shot if i knew the story beforehand so i can follow it better. I've also seen Phantom and Flower Drum song (With lea Solonga!), both of where too long ago to remember. I want to see Spring Awakening SOOO bad. Damn them for selling out the ONE time i'm in new york.
  11. Yeah, go ahead. While you're at it, throw some supports over the hill into the midcourse. It needs some. Maybe the drop after it, too. Seems like you know what you're doing with supports, i sure don't.
  12. I made the track. I on;y sent it to one person because i was bored, so he must have sent it to you. I don't mind if its up here. Not exactly my best work but who cares? i made it while i was on the phone with someone. I went to Knott's the next day and realized its almost exactly like Ghostrider. Weird how that turned out. (Because i don't really know the exact layout of the ride)
  13. Sounds to me like you definitely want to go to Six Flags. When it comes down to roller coasters, they have knotts beat out hands down.
  14. Flipflops. Always in easy access for a good beating.
  15. Can't vote yet, but I'd go Republican. Gay marriage would be nice, but, eh, who cares? There are bigger issues in the world.
  16. I start September 5th. Eh, just got out of summer school, i could have used a bit more break.
  17. I'm so in the mood for gelato right now because of you...
  18. Now they need to paint over those tacky brown pillars they painted onto the supports. They don't need everything to be so literal in their designs...
  19. They really don't. They're more comfortable than shoes, imo. Besides, who doesn't love a good sandal tan?
  20. ..... screw you. You basically took a ride that im making (well, i havn't worked on it in a while) and kicked its ass. Haha, nice coaster... *throws mine away*
  21. ^DUDE! How did you do that?! Uhm, thanks... i Guess. Jacob is my friend, i was kidding.
  22. Well you brag about your teeth enough that i think you would (you just have a nice smile, ok?) ... Besides, neither do i. Obviously ^^
  23. I like the jacket, not so much the picture of you though. SMILE! This picture originally had someone's name written on my hand. Made it for his Myspace. I liked it so into photoshop it went... And i had a new pic. yay!
  24. I can't decide if i should chemically straighten my hair today.... it takes four freaking hours... but it lasts for 6 months...
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