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  1. ^ Thats true, but you can't hide one's race, though, so theres no real choice there. But like i said, thats not really my opinion, just the mentality behind it.
  2. Oh I could care less about marriage. While yes McCain says he will give us benefits, so does Obama...and then some. Such as the Don't Ask Don't Tell, Obama wants to get rid of it, while McCain says we're a threat. I'm sorry, but last time I checked, my sexual orientation doesn't effect how I fire a gun or however I defend my country. Thats not the purpose Don't Ask Don't Tell was introduced. It has nothing to do with one's ability to fight. It has to do with the morale of the troops. Unfortunately, as most people know, gays aren't exactly the most popular people when it comes to straight guys, who make up almost all of the military. In war, everyone needs a mutual respect for each other and have each other's back. Some guys just cant find it in themselves to respect homos the same way they would the rest of their peers, and so it was decided it was in the best interest of everyone to just let it not be talked about. I don't necessarily support DADT, but i don't disagree with it either.
  3. ^^^ Hey hey hey, this raging homosexual supports McCain. I just think there are more important things in running a country than something like marriage. McCain supports a contract between homosexual couples giving them all the benefits of marriage anyway, so really people who see themselves not voting for him on reasons of gay marriage are really just basing their vote on the absence of a title. =/
  4. Experience wise i believe she's been in office as long as Obama has. This difference is she actually had a position of leadership as governor. Personally i think that qualifies her, technically, at least, better than Obama. Not to mention she's on the ticket as vice president, not president. At first i was a little disappointed by Mccain's pic. I really wanted Romeny to get it, but now after i looked into her, I'm diggin the choice.
  5. I was thinking the same thing about Congress having more control, and while everyone bashes on Bush (a man i very much respect) Congress, (which is run by the Democrats) actually has a lower approval rating than he does. I feel a president, no matter which party, though republicans are hit much more harshly by the media than democrats, are unfairly blamed for every problem the country faces. High gas prices, for instance, isn't exactly something a president has control over.
  6. McCain here all the way. I actually was the biggest fan of Mitt Romney, so i'm holding out that he'll be McCain's running mate. I'd consider the economy McCain's weak point so Romney could totally fill that gap. I always see myself siding with the Republican candidate and i don't really see that changing any time soon. Even so, I don't just blindly follow the party. I still think Hillary would have done just fine, perhaps good, even. I understand why Obama gets so much support, but i just think he's so unexperienced... But i guess if he surrounds himself with the right people it'd be fine.
  7. I've seen it get as low as 3.99 here lately. =]]
  8. ^ I find Legally Blonde, especially the musical, particularly relevant to the subject, actually. =]
  9. Yeah i felt it, it lasted a good 20+ seconds. My school was Evaced and i met my twin in the process. It was odd, though, it rocked more than shook. It was... just strange feeling.
  10. Although its sometimes really nice for them to find out without you having to tell them... then again sometimes its definitely NOT.... considering i went through something similar and i just denied denied denied. Which is actually odd becuase i'm really open about it with everyone BUT my family. Its just that, i know they wouldn't care either way, but it would just make things different and i'm totally afraid of change... that and my mom would try to be the obnoxious over supportive mother that tries too hard to be accepting. omg i'd hate that.
  11. Whats sucks is, while the government has nothing to do with the high gas prices in most places, in CA they do. Before i didn't really care, but now i find it quite annoying that we have these cleaner gas standards that not only gives us worse quality gas, but at a price well above the rest of the country's. grr....
  12. I find the terminator thing hard to believe, to be honest. Its one thing to theme a ride to a movie, but to theme it to a movie that is new and has no guaranteed longevity? Its a bit strange to me. Especially considering the nature of the ride. Woodies can really get away with minimal theming anyway. Just throw some trees around it make a wooden station building and everything fine. I guess in the end it wouldn't take away from the ride... but its just... odd.
  13. I absolutely ADORE Kathy. She's so like me, catty in a non intently mean way. It just comes off... bitchy. haha basically if i hate her i hate me so.. LOVE her.
  14. Supercalifragilisticexpialidtious Loves it. End of the Century and Max 300 are fun, too.
  15. So is this area basically done or do they have room to expand it to include a few more rides or something? It looks nice and i'm so down for those fountains on a hot day. =]
  16. Instead trying to go all futuristic in tomorrowland, (which, i understand, is the point, but hear me out) I'd go for more of a retro-future kind of area. Instead of the iPod whites and simple sharp shapes that seem to be emerging as "futuristic" i would go for more of a copper look with lots of rivets, and curvy shapes. Occasional puffs of steam coming from various machinery. In all, a very industrial feel. I think perhaps it could feel more timeless that way, and not feel out-of-date so quickly. I would let rides follow that pattern too. Give them a good, rustic feel while still looking forward. Specifically, though, i can't say what i would change other than the genreal tone. I've only been to Disney twice.
  17. ^ That makes me wonder is sometimes things get lost in translation when you upload and download these tracks. My friend also said he got a rollback and i've never gotten one. and, d'oh. i never even thought to ride it in the back seat! i just figured they were so close together they must be pretty much identical. oh well. THanks for the comments, guys.
  18. wait wait wait... So this would be the Wild Wild West Hollywood? Yes, i think the story line is quite necessary now. =]
  19. ^ Wouldn't I be thinking INSIDE the box? =] Perhaps i'll finish this coaster the way i meant one day. Make it launch out of the pyramid (are two launches too much?) to satisfy both it making a full circuit (or an apparent full circuit, anyway) and the visibility outside of the building. But damn making a hole in that pyramid is hard. Grr... But for now i uploaded a new version where the pyramid appears to touch the floor (the reason it didn't was because if its all the way on the ground the pyramid floor flickers between the pyramid material and the ground) and i also got the unload station to stay within its walls.
  20. I'm not trying to put down X2 here... because i'm admittedly going out to go ride it next weekend but... You got to hand it to Magic Mountain. They managed to market what is basically a paint job and the addition of new trains amazingly.... Look at those lines. Oh well, they managed to suck me into driving up to ride it, too. haha.
  21. ^ Yeah, it was initially going to leave the pyramid, sortof escape, if you will, and connect back into the original station, but the fake-valley element didn't work in full circuit mode, only in shuttle mode. I figured it wasn't worth making an extra opening in the pyramid (which would have taken forever) for it not to even be a full circuit coaster, so i just ended it inside. And thanks for the kind words, you guys. =]
  22. I Started building this ride about a year ago, it seems, and i never really finished it. A few days ago i noticed it and decided to finish it rather quickly so i could just say that its done. Theres one element that took a bit of work with brakes and launch track, but i managed to get it to work.... so if you think you valleyed, just give it a sec. =] As for the name? I just threw "Egypt" into wikipedia and copied and pasted the first non-English word i found. haha. The pyramid. Exciting, no? \ The interior. This side has alot more track than the rest... Lots of track is also enclosed in little corridors like these... And theres this. don't really no how to explain it... Alright. Go ride, kids! Pyramid3AHG.nltrack
  23. I have a friend who has spoken to Arnold Schwarzenegger about his stance on gay marriage. He said he would veto it if it landed on his desk, but he gave a valid point. He said it wasn't in the public opinion that it should be legal, and as an elected representative, it was his job to represent his state's opinions as closely as possible. And at that point i agreed with the governor, but then my friend brought up another point. When has a civil rights movement EVER been in the popular opinion of the population? Never. Oftentimes as a leader you have to make an unpopular decision, if you know its right. Force it upon the population and see what happens. Gays can marry in CA now. Lets bring this to voters and ask "Now that homosexual marriage is legal, do you and your spouce feel less valid as a married couple? Has your personal life been affected in any negative way because of it?" And people then might realize, perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea in the first place.
  24. Hold your legs out and you'll be fine. I wonder why they didn't just let your legs hang like they do on any other floorless ride. That would have gotten that roughness problem out of the way, i think, considering i think the legs are what most people complain about. Oh well, it never bothered me so i can't wait to get back on X. Its been too long. =]
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