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  1. Thank you! It is only a teaser, because its not finished. New Pics? Give me some minutes
  2. I don't think, that i can finish the park this year. Ähm ... i hope before March 2009
  3. Movie Park? Why not Phantasialand? Thank you, but I have no ideas for an story...
  4. Hello Friends! Here are 2 new screens!!! http://www.LupiUpload.de/091229/ehbr8tgH.BMP http://www.LupiUpload.de/091229/odOOSfAX.BMP
  5. Juhu jemand in der Muttersprache ist hier! Verfolgst du auch die UEFA Fußball EM? ----------------------- B2T: The Project isn't dead, new pics in some days. Tomorrow Phantasialand!
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